About Jacks ‘R’ Better


Jacks ‘R’ Better, LLC is a cottage gear maker, supported by a U.S. outdoor gear manufacturer. We produce high quality down filled quilts, the unique Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock (the worlds only lay flat, lay straight hammock), and hiking gear. All JRB products can and do proudly claim, “Made in the USA”. Our products although initially developed for the hammock camping community have become extremely popular with the ultra-light backpacking ground dwelling campers as well. All Jacks ‘R’ Better, LLC products carry a satisfaction guarantee and a one year warranty on material and craftsmanship. JRB is uniquely positioned in the hammock and ultra-light markets. We enjoy great reputation for unique, top quality products at super value and excellent customer service. The many reviews of our quilts and tarp bear witness to our leadership and value. We are a licensed, inspected, and insured Virginia Bedding Manufacturer.

About the Owners

jacksrbetter-about-us-manufacturing-gearJack Tier (left) & Jack Myers (right) are retired Army officers with a combined 50 years of active duty military service. They have command experience from platoon level to brigade sized units. Between them they have the equivalent of two Bachelors degrees and four Masters degrees, over 20 years of combat development experience, and have program management experience on a wide variety of highly technical, multi-billion dollar programs. Both are married with children and grandchildren. Both are surviving cancer patients. They began hiking together in 2002, started making some of their own gear, and formed Jacks ‘R’ Better, LLC in 2004.

Our Philosophy

We are two Christian, family oriented, retired Army officers. We take our business and personal philosophy from the Bible. We do business by the Golden Rule, “treat others as you want to be treated”. We also subscribe to the priorities of the late, great entrepreneur Mary Kay Ashe – God first, Family second, Business third.

In terms of backpacking we could be called ultra-lighters. Our packs without consumables weigh less than 12 pounds. However, experience has taught us that there is absolutely no reason to be uncomfortable when you go to the woods. So, in our quest to get lighter and lighter we refused to compromise on either comfort or safety, and whenever possible looked for multiple use items. This philosophy is reflected in the design of our products.

outdoor-trade-show picture of the JacksRBetterOur primary focus is on hammock camping and ultra light hiking. We offer quality products that are of our own design and manufacture. We use quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. However, lightweight solutions often necessitate a compromise in durability of materials. Our lightweight products are not designed or engineered to withstand abusive or careless treatment. But, with proper use and reasonable care, even more delicate/less durable equipment will offer years, if not a lifetime, of effective service.

We take pride in our products and our customer service. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, let us know and we will make every effort to remedy the situation within the realm of our abilities and good business practices. Additionally, if you have suggestions for improving our products we would love to hear them. We can’t promise to incorporate them all but we will evaluate all suggestions with an open mind. Often good ideas are unique to a particular situation. Others are universally applicable. Those in the latter category, if they fit within our basic philosophy, we will endeavor to incorporate in future designs.