JRB Universal Tarp Introduction

April 10, 2014

This large JRB tarp is the most capable tarp available for either hammock or ground camps. Loaded with perimeter tabs, ridge line tabs, panel pulls, pole grommets and spring pole guides  this tarp may be configured to conform to a nearly any configuration required or desired. It’s an ideal shelter for large and wide hammocks […]

Waypoint and Azimuth 2014

January 28, 2014

Waypoint and Azimuth January 2014   It is time to review how the year went and plot the course of progress for the next year.  As we stand here in the middle of the shop, surrounded by hundreds of quilts, tarps, hammocks and other stock items we are in our tenth year.  We just registered […]

Review Highlight

November 14, 2013

Recently we received a review comment on the Complete Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock Deluxe  Set including tarp, all lines and pegs along with both Mt Washington  under quilt and Sierra Sniveller top quilt…Although it is included in the appropriate review page, since it is the testimony of the results of five months of continuous use […]

Hunting season safety

October 7, 2013

Fall also brings a variety of hunting seasons in almost every location.  It is always best to “Know before you go”.  So check you state and county game regulations before heading out. A good safeguard is to insure adequate visibilitry and identity.  Break out your blaze orange gear and use it. Hats, jackets or vests […]

Tech Talk: Testing Treated Down

September 26, 2013

Backpacker Magazine, September 2013, p 55 reports. “International Down and Feather Testing Laboratories, the world’s largest independant down-testing facility, confirmed that in controlled testing (In the Hydrophobic Shake Test, water and down are combined in a jar and agitated until the feathers start absorbing water.) of feathers alone, treated down resists moisture up to 60 […]