Custom Design and Modification

Jacks ‘R’ Better does not do custom work, nor do we do “one off” custom modifications to the products we produce. Acquiring different materials, modifying designs, and working custom jobs into our production schedule is simply too time consuming and disruptive.

JRB produces quality down quilts and hiking gear for the hammock and ultra light hiking community. All of our quilts, hammock, tarps, tarp tents and most of our other hammock and general camping equipment are of our own design. Our line of products is supplied through a multi-phased production system of cottage workers and/or private label produced for JRB by a major U.S. manufacturer. Everything advertised on our Web Site is normally in stock and routinely ships within 24-72 hours.

We live, work, play, hike, camp, and communicate with our customers regularly. If you have a need or an idea that you believe is of value to the greater community we are always open to your suggestion. Please understand, however, that finding the time to evaluate, develop, design, source, manufacture and market new or modified ideas can, and does, take many months and sometimes years.