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Dick Matthews Hammock
Dick Matthews Hammock
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Jhaura wearing his No Sniveller on the JMT
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Lenny Nichols - Blue Lake South San Juan Wilderness - Colorado
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Ray Shine Woods Creek John Muir Trail
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Stuart Bilby-Dolpa Nepal

I ordered my husband, a BMBH during the Black Friday sale and he absolutely loves it. He has every brand of hammock that is out and he said that the BMBH is the most comfortable hammock he has ever had and slept in it all weekend. Normally he wakes up every couple of hours in his other hammocks to get comfortable but in the BMBH he sleeps all night long..

Thank you very much

I just received my Sierra Sniveller yesterday and I’m impressed with quality. The versatility of footbox, no footbox, open footbox, and serape garment is amazing. Truly a high quality multiuse insulating item for my backpacking needs!

I look forward to using it for years to come!
Thanks guys!

I am now in over 500 miles on the PCT with my Hudson River and can’t say enough about how good it has been. I carry a down jacket and pants to increase my temp level, but, have never needed it with your quilt. Coldest night so far was 27.6 F and I was toasty! My tent is a single wall and twice I have had quite a lot of condensation (had it buttoned up do to rain/snow). Both times the outer layer got damp, air dryed in less than 30 min and I never got cold. Thanks a bunch for a great product!


We received our new quilts today and LOVE them. (In fact I’m sleeping in mine tonight with the window open.) I am amazed at the workmanship and functionality of your design. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your help on the phone in ordering was a true boon. I will certainly be back–perhaps for your newest quilt coming out as well as to refer those I know to your site.


Q: Is the nest really worth the $280?

A: In my opinion it is worth the money.
A: Yes! I adore my JRB quilt ..
A: … just buy the Nest man, you won’t regret it.
A: If quality, effectiveness, and versatility are important to you, the JRB products are hard to beat.

The JRB Bear Mountain Bridge hammock is a totally different hammock design that allows me to lay flat, to change position during the night and to sleep on either side. Thanks to an innovation Peter Pan and Smee included with my hammock (an overhead strap that can be used to pull up and for balance), I am able to enter and exit this hammock without assistance safely. My back doesn’t hurt after a night in this hammock – it is seriously comparable to my waterbed mattress at home in comfort.

I would just like to thank the guys at Jacks R Better for making my thru-hike in 2005 possible. I first heard about your quilts from posts on A few people were talking about how your under quilt solves all the cold weather issues that hammocks have. I was skeptical at first not knowing if it would hold up to the abuse of the hike and keep me warm. But after allot of research and testing I decided to try your Basic 3 Season Hammock Quilt Set on my thru-hike. Your products performed flawlessly and is still the best choice of gear I have ever made.

I started hiking in May at Amicalola Falls. During my hike I used a Hennessey Hammock, your Basic 3 Season Hammock Quilt Set, and a MacCat tarp as my primary home. I was able to get a wonderful nights sleep on the trail in my hammock. After a month of not sleeping in the shelters I sent my sleeping pad home and slept in the hammock for the rest of the journey. Every night I was warm, comfortable and dry but most importantly mice, bug, snore, and shelter free. Because of your quilts I stayed surprisingly warm even during the most extreme of weather that year. From that first night at Springer to this day your quilt’s have refused to show where and tear and have the same amount of loft as the day I received them. Thanks for making such a quality, trouble free quilt. I will always highly recommend your products to everybody planning a thru hike or any camping activity with a hammock. Thanks again for making my thru-hike possible.

James Thompson AKA Reality Check
GA “May 5th” —} ME “Oct 12th” 2005


I want say thank you for producing high quality gear. My wife and I did a shake down trip this weekend in preparation for our section hike next month. It was our first time field testing the hammocks and all the gear we purchased from you performed perfectly.

The Nests were awesome! Temps dipped into the 30’s and we were warm with the Nests under us and our 45 degree summer bags over us. ‘Nest’ is the perfect name!

When I opened my 3 season set I said, “My, now that is GREEN!” My wife asked, “What did you expect when you ordered something from Peter Pan?”

The product was delivered quickly. The craftsmanship is excellent and the materials are as good or better than advertised. The design is simple and easy to use. The stated temperature ratings are conservative. Their products are a very good value.

Q: Looking at a late March NOBO thru hike. Would my money be better spent on a JRB under quilt or just get a tent for the first part of the trip?

A: I was trying to make the same choice as you before I started my thru-hike this year. I was going to start with a tent and switch out to the HH when it warmed up. I got the JRB under quilt around March of this year and tried it out a few cold New England nights, stayed extremely warm even in a blizzard that hit and dumped a foot of snow. I started hiking in GA in May and have slept in the HH with the under quilt every night but in the Smokies (@#$% rangers made me sleep in the shelters) and one nasty night on Roan Mt. It has been the best gear choice I made before my hike. I have replaced about everything I carry, even the pack (on my 4th) but the HH and JRB under quilt have never failed me. I even sent my sleeping pad home after the first month because I never used it. Go with the quilt and you won’t regret it… I am still hiking (on a 3 day break in CT at home) and its going to come with me all the way to Maine.

I use the JRB 8’x8′ Silnylon tarp. It works well. This is the best tarp I’ve ever used …

Good afternoon Jacks,

Hope you are well. This picture was taken Sat. AM on Cheoah Bald, just north of NOC in NC. Hope all is well. This was my second night with the underquilt. Low was about 50—-opened the quilt up on the ends—no problems—-very comfortable. Thanx for a great product.

Some months ago I got a “No Snivelling” Universal Quilt and have been very pleased with everything about it. The craftsmanship is excellent, and I can now easily keep warm in my hammock at temperatures in the low 20’s. I’m pretty sure that your quilt will keep me warm at even lower temperatures – low 20’s is just the lowest I’ve tried so far. Thanks for a great product.

I initially balked at the price. $200 is a lot of spare change out of my pocket, but the thing really works and is well worth the money. The best compliment I can give is that I wished that I had bought mine a lot earlier.

If you’re thinking about a hammock or trying to get your insulation right, you’ve got to get one of these. Forget the pads inside the hammock. The down under quilt is the only way to go and the JRB Nest is very well thought out and very well made. I highly recommend them.

“Overall I think that this was a great investment for me to be able to extend my hammock season! Thank you SO much for your craftsmanship, as well as your GREAT customer service.”

“We had rain, we had wind, we had miserable weather and I stayed high and dry in my HH and the under quilt. It is a real quality piece of work. These guys did their homework and came up with a really remarkable product.”

“… I was “snug as a bug in a rug”. It was 41 degrees in the morning and I didn’t feel a bit of it. No cold spots, and way more comfortable on the fabric than on the pad. This quilt gets top billing in my books.”

“A full inspection revealed excellent workmanship.”

“I received this last week and consider myself lucky to have gotten one this early in the game. I’ve been reading and waiting for someone to perfect an under quilt for the Hennessy hammock. Well, I can tell you that time has arrived.”

“Deployment: simple, quick, efficient…”

“Impressions while in hammock … in a nut shell this is sweet, sweet, sweet.”