Available Options

The following modifications are available at the time of purchase at the costs indicated. Normally, selecting any of these options will will not delay the shipping of the item by more than one day. It should be noted that while a modified item may be returned for credit or refund there will be a 15 percent restock fee on modified items at the time of return.


All Jacks ‘R’ Better quilts are over stuffed by at least 15%. We don’t recommend additional over stuffing. Recognize that over-stuffing increases the loft between each of the baffles effectively shortening the quilt. However, if you believe you need more down, over stuffing is available in 1 ounce increments up to two ounces for 3 season and winter quilts. We will only over-stuff summer weight quilts with 1 additional ounce. If you think you need more over-stuff you should be considering purchasing the next warmer quilt model.

Sewn in Foot Box

This modification is available on any of the JRB top quilts. It is not available on Mt Washington, Greylock, or Nest quilt models. The Sewn In Foot Box modifications eliminates the omni-tape, draw cord, and cordlocks used to create the footbox (saving approximately 0.6 oz.) by permanently sewing the foot box across the bottom and 18 inches up the sides of the quilt.

Couples Full Length Hook & Loop Modification

Non A-Symmetric Hennessy Hammock Modification

The older non-asymmetric models of the Hennessy (pre 2003?) require a simple modification to a JRB under quilt to add side ladder loops at the center points of the quilt sides.