Jacks ‘R’ Better LLC is proud to offer top quality products.  All of our quilts, tarp and most of our hammock accessories are of our own unique design.  They have been well tested and extremely well received by our customers. We are pleased to offer a Total Quality Guarantee.  JRB is a licensed, inspected Virginia bedding manufacturer, Registration Number 14027.

Total Quality Guarantee

All Jacks ‘R’ Better LLC products carry a one year warranty on material and/or craftsmanship defect. You may return it for repair or replacement, at our discretion at any time. We do ask that you call or email us with the reason for the return and call our attention to the issue that needs to be remedied.

Repairs after warranty or resulting from abuse or neglect (e.g. ripped fabric or rot caused by improper storage) will be done at reasonable rates. The nature of any necessary repair and a written estimate (e-mail) of cost, if applicable, for the repair will be provided before any repair is accomplished.

If you are not satisfied with your Jacks ‘R’ Better LLC product for any reason simply return it within 15 days of receipt, in original and unused condition, for a one for one exchange or a full refund of the purchase price.  Quilts that have had modifications from standard design may be returned for credit, subject to a 15% restock fee.  Shipping is not refundable.

Quality Design

Overall, simplicity is the key to quality.  It enables efficient production; it facilitates ready inspection; it insures straight forward easy field use; and it results in affordability.

JRB pre-planned multi-functional designs increase value.  Multi-functionality turns previously special use items into articles of daily or near daily use.  It has the potential to eliminate other items or additional layers of insulation for the experienced lightweight or ultra-light hiker.

JRB quilts are designed to serve daily in the home as quilts on twin beds or as full length throws on sofas and recliners.  They may be used as flat cover or they can form foot boxes.  With the foot box formed they readily serve as top bags for the camper in a hammock or on the ground.  Most importantly, many JRB quilt designs include attachment loops that allow their use as under quilts for hammocks.  Every JRB under quilt will work on any hammock, including the unique Hennessy hammocks.  Finally, the Sierra Series of the JRB quilts are designed to be wearable insulation in camp.

The JRB design, range of models, and full interoperability provides specific models for each season.  It also facilitates substitution or stacking of quilts to provide for various seasonal uses.  For example, an ultra-light hammock camper using a Shenandoah and a Stealth quilt for the summer can combine them (stack them) to serve as a three season under quilt.

Quality material

JRB uses supplied or processed first quality materials.

Our 0.9 ounce rip stop nylon has a Durable Water Resistant (DWR) finish.

We use 800+ fill power down as the standard offering in all JRB quilts and under quilts.  It is purchased from a US processor and supplier.   800-850 is regarded by many as “the sweet spot” in top quality down.  Highly resilient in field use, down of this quality level is better than 99 percent down.


From The International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory Institute (IDFL) (www.idfl.com)

Our baffles are made from US manufactured nylon no-see-um netting.  This material allows highest thermal transfer between baffle sections while restricting down migration between baffle sections.

All attachment tabs and loops are made from US manufactured, ¾ inch, nylon, grosgrain ribbon.  The three quarter inch size facilitates manipulation by cold or wet hands while minimizing weight.

JRB uses Velcro® brand Omni Tape, from a US supplier, for all foot box and re-sealable design features.  It may be thought of as single sex Velcro®.  Or it may be understood as having a single design with the hook side lightly covered with integrated fuzzy stuff.  This eliminates the hook only side which is overly scratchy and readily picks up hair, lint and dirt.

All notions: end cords, cord locks, labels and thread are from US suppliers and are top quality and of minimum size to reduce weight.  Thread is 100 percent polyester.

JRB Tarps and Compression Sacks utilize 1.35 ounce silicon impregnated Cordura® ripstop nylon.

Quality Construction

JRB quilts and under quilts are constructed in the USA by either cottage employees or independent contractors or a USA factory.

During the first phase, kits are first assembled with all the materials necessary for a specific quilt model.  All pieces are laid out on a jig and cut to size.

In phase two, kits are assembled to the shell stage by highly skilled, cottage workers or independent contractors.  Most are experienced tailors, seamstresses or ships tailors. Every completed shell is inspected before the JRB logo tag and the bedding law labels are added to the kit.

In the final stage, each baffle section of the shell is filled with an exactly measured, to the gram, amount of down.  The seams are closed, the omni-tape foot and leg features are added, and the draw strings are threaded.  Logo and label tags are inserted in the very last seam and a final inspection is conducted prior to packaging.

A few notes of what can not be seen when you inspect your quilt on receipt.

All JRB quilts are OVERSTUFFED BY 25-36 PERCENT.  This is included in the quilts stated weight and pack size.  It represents quality warmth above the stated height of the baffle.  This is what accounts for the dome like rise to each baffle section.  JRB quality does not cost extra, and more importantly, you don’t get a chance to do without it.  Stated thickness for stated thickness we believe JRB quilts to be the plushest and warmest quilts/top bags made.

Finally, a note on corner design.  JRB tarps and quilts utilize a unique design that incorporates eight layers of material and eight seams in tarps (six seams in quilts). These are very strong corners that eliminate the weight of additional reinforcement panels used by other manufacturers. We have had no reported failures to date, since we opened for business in June of 2004.