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The Standard 4 Season Set (Mt Washington 4)
This special combination includes a color coordinated set consisting of: the the “Mt Washington 4” for use as an under quilt; the “High Sierra Sniveller” Quilt for use as a top quilt in the hammock. Accessories include the under quilt shock cord suspension system and two silnyl compression/stuff sacks.
The Hennessy 4 Season Set (Winter Nest)
This special combination includes a color coordinated set consisting of: the the “Winter Nest” for use as an under quilt; the “High Sierra Sniveller” Quilt for use as a top quilt in the hammock. Accessories include the under quilt shock cord suspension system and two silnyl compression/stuff sacks.


Activ-dri down™ – Activ-dri™ is a hydrophobic down treatment that keeps the down drier, while having no adverse effects on loft, fill power, or warmth retention. Activ-dri down is still down insulation and should be protected from direct exposure to moisture. All types of insulation, whether down or synthetic, will degrade in insulation capability if wetted.

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2 reviews for Four Season Set

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jason McIntosh (verified owner)

    I’m relatively new to hammock camping and this is my first down sleeping gear, and my first underquilt. I just slept outside with them for the first time, and thought I’d give some feedback on my experience.

    Maybe first is why I chose JacksRBetter. I guess my reasons ultimately were:

    1) good reviews on their gear from the utube camping community
    2) products were in stock and once I made my decision to buy, i wanted them NOW for my upcoming backpacking trip
    3) the Sniveller’s have this “head hole” in the middle of them that allows you to use it like a sarape, which could really save me butt one day
    4) the Mt. Washington underquilt is completely rectangular which means it could possibly be used as a narrow top quilt. there are other brands that shape their underquilts to better fit under a hammock, and provide sealing baffles. these features may be great to have, or they may not matter a bit, I just didn’t know. but i do know that a rectangular blanket can be used for something other than going under a quilt.
    5) i’m buying from two guys named “Jack”? really? why not…

    The High Sierra Sniveller was pretty straight forward. The footbox with it’s hook&loop tape and draw string worked very well. When my foot rested on the down, it pretty much squashed it providing 0 insulation at the contact points, so you really need something under your feet. I can see why some people will want to use a little seat pad under there. Probably a good idea, but the underquilt did OK for the temperature I was in. The top of the Sniveller had a button clasp that holds the two corners together. I quickly discovered that you can use this to hold the quilt behind your neck. There’s also a drawstring on the top end that allows you to draw the top down so it’s completely sealed with your neck/chin. This helps A LOT and is a must have for one of these top quilts. The width was good, completely covering me and being able to tuck down around my sides so there wasn’t any air exposed. There was a slight breeze during the night, but I only felt it on my exposed face.

    The Mt. Washington 4 underquilt Is going to take a few times to figure out just how to put on my hammock and position it to work the best. I ended up not following Jack’s video, but just clasping the corners together above the hammock and using their stretchy cord to pull it towards the end of the of the hammock. This seemed to work pretty well, but I didn’t feel like it was optimal for a sideways lay in the hammock. (BTW, I used a two layer Blackbird gathered in hammock.) An underquilt specifically designed for a sideways lay may be better then the rectangular Mt. Washington, but since I’ve only done this once, all I can really say for sure is that I need more experience with the underquilt to feel like I’m getting everything out of it that I can. But if the multi-purpose rectangular shape isn’t of interest and you don’t want the unerquilt for anything other than hammock camping, then at this point I’d say that an underquilt specifically designed for a sideways lay would probably be better.

    The critical decision for me was whether to get the 3 season or the 4 season set… they rate the 4 season down to 5-10F. This is warmer than most of what my camping will be in Minnesota, but I don’t like being cold, so I went for the 4 season set anyway. I figure I can always cool myself down, but it’s damn hard to get warm once you get cold while sleeping. Of course my worry was that I was going to be super hot. My night started out at around 47F and dropped to 35F. At no point was I hot what-so-ever. I generally like to be warm when I sleep and being in my 50’s I don’t generate the heat I did in my 20’s, so this set worked extremely well for me in these chilly temperatures.

    So far the 4 season set doesn’t appear to be a bad choice for me, at least for the cold Minnesota springs and falls. I can imagine that this would be way too hot to sleep in if the temperatures are going to be 70F or above in the summer. But I have a simple blanket I can bring for those temperatures. I think they will be fine for the 50’s and below. The question for me now is how will it do in the 60’s. Maybe I’ll just bring an underquilt and a light blanket for those temperatures. Time will have to tell.

    The quality seems excellent. It’s nice to support a small company. The “in stock” benefit means that I didn’t have any choice of colors, but I like the stock colors and I hate making such decisions, so that worked well for me. The quilts come all crumpled up out of the stuff sacks, but poof out very well in time. The stuff sacks work very well for me. They have an excellent video on how to use them.

    These are very light. The top quilt weighs maybe 30% of 0F Kelty sleeping bag, and squeezes down to about 40% of its size. The underquilt has about the same weight and space savings of my sleeping pad. So all together, this is a much smaller and lighter sleeping system than a sleeping bag/pad arrangement. Was it worth the enormous price??? For me, it’s a matter of use. If it gets me outdoors more than my heavier gear, then yes, it’s far better than buying some damn piece of exercise equipment. And this stuff can last for decades with some care.

    Good luck, and thanks to Jacks et al for a great product.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dan Nickless (verified owner)

    Just recently took my new Winter Nest set up to Shining Rock NC. Had some light snow with a low of 19*. This setup handled those temps with no problem. I’m looking forward to some colder nights to continue testing the limits of this setup. Love it!

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