Silk Quilt Liner
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Silk Quilt Liner


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Product Description

  • Soften the feel of your nylon quilt with the luxury of silk.
  • Extend the temperature range of your existing quilt.
  • Use just the Quilt Liner as a top sheet during those sultry summer nights.
  • Or use the Quilt Liner as sheet over your air mattress or a hostel mattress.

The JRB Silk Quilt Liner is a multi-functional piece of ultra light gear.  It packs small and weighs only 5 ounces.  When used as a quilt liner it attaches to the side body loops of JRB Sierra Series quilts and to the draw cord toggles of a formed foot box. When properly attached it will remain in place and will not entangle the user. It adds approximately 6-10 degrees of insulating value.  It may be used with other quilts or bags without attachment.  It may be used as a summer top sheet in a protected environment.

The body side attachment snap tabs allow the JRB Silk Quilt Liner to be used as a bottom sheet on a ground pad.  Perhaps more importantly, with the addition of some short pieces of cord the Silk Quilt Liner body portion is readily secured to a hostel mattress thus providing a partial bottom sheet for quilt users so as not sleep directly on a common use mattress.

Silk Care Instructions




  • Length: 85 inches
  • Width: 52 inches
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Packs into: 6 inch long by 2 inch diameter cylinder


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