2007 Production Models Now Shipping

February 3, 2012

Jacks ‘R’ Better, LLC is pleased to announce that 2007 brings a new model, the Mt Rogers.  This big quilt addition to The JRB Line debuted on our web site in mid-October.

JRB intends to introduce three more new quilts this year.

March will see the introduction of the Springer quilt.  It will be similar to the Hiker/Biker quilt but in our regular green and black colors.  One inch baffling and generous over stuffing to 1.5 inches will make this a great summer quilt or coupled with the new Down to Earth Pad Converter an over bag that readily turns light summer 40/45 degree bags into solid three season bags.

March will also bring a new three season, lower priced, simple rectangular quilt – the Hudson River quilt.  It will be baffled to two inches and over stuffed to 2.5 inches (the same great specs as the top performing Nests and No Snivellers).  It will fill the economy need between the summer Shenandoah and winter Old Rag Mtn quilts.

September will debut the Katahdin quilt.  Completing our large size quilt family, it will be the same size as the Mt Rogers and Springer Mtn quilts but baffled to 3 inches and, as always, over stuffed by 15 percent to achieve 3.5 inches of loft between the baffles.

Two new quilt accessories were recently announced that for first time are oriented on the ground dwellers.  One, the JRB Quilt Wings, provides a generous side tucking capability for any quilt model. Special note, the JRB Quilt Wings will transform our large models into very viable double quilts.  The second, more exciting accessory is the JRB “Down to Earth” Pad Converter.  It will quickly transform any JRB quilt to a full bag – with or without a hood.  When used with the new family of JRB large quilts (Springer, Mt Rogers, and Katahdin) the Down to Earth Pad Converter forms a viable over bag for regular and most long size mummy bags to create a four season capability.  You can now have it all.  The security of a full bag and/or the lighter multi-functionality of the classic No Sniveller quilt is your choice.

Six other quilts – the No Sniveller (regulars and longs), the Stealth (regulars and longs), and the Old Rag Mtn (regulars and longs) received a small but effective product improvement – the addition of a tie at the top of the foot box to prevent accidental opening and to serve as a belt closure on the wearable models.  Additionally, the foot box on long models has been lengthened by four inches.

Another change for 2007 is a 50% reduction in the weight of the Suspension System which is standard issue with the Nest and Hudson River quilts regular or is also available separately.  The new micro carabiners are also available separately.

Lest all these caterings to our growing ground dwelling customers distracts from our roots the exciting news is that Jacks ‘R’ Better, LLC will likely introduce its unique patent-pending hammock at Trail Days 2007.

2006 was a banner year for Jacks ‘R’ Better.  Long time visitors and customers may have noticed the increase in product availability.  The three week order to ship time for several long models was eliminated.  Now tall customers enjoy the same near immediate shipment that regular size customers have enjoyed.


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