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November 14, 2013

Recently we received a review comment on the Complete Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock Deluxe  Set including tarp, all lines and pegs along with both Mt Washington  under quilt and Sierra Sniveller top quilt…Although it is included in the appropriate review page, since it is the testimony of the results of five months of continuous use by a an AT Thru-hiker in the class of 2013  we pasted it up here as well… Enjoy!

Rating by on :

i can not say enough good about this set up. it says 20-25 deg, but i had it down near zero and it kept me warm. I just recently finished my thru-hike of the A.T. and this was my home for that time. if youre looking for a set up then this is the best you will find. comfort and quality second to none. its pricey but after five months on the trail of hard use its all still like new. thank jrb you make the best gear.


  1. Jack Tier says:

    There are plenty of cold nights on both ends of te AT, especially for early starters or late finishers…Personally I have seen/ hung at -9*F at the Winter Hang at Mt Rogers in Virginia.

  2. Juan Aponte says:

    I have to admit I was wondering were did they encounter 0 degree weather on the AT?

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