here we go

July 9, 2012

Well, we are not sure what this blogging is all about…But here we go!

First we have decided to hang our historic litany of Way Point and Azmuth articles here rather than in the Articles Section, as in the past.  We still hope to write these assessment and projection  summary articles once or twice a year so that our followers can maintain a feel for what is happening in the “JRB skunk works” of development for hammock and ultra light camping gear.

More importantly, we will try to have several weekly, if not daily or more frequent posts.  These may be of value or discussion within these two communities that are supported.  After eight years of experience we have amassed a decent set of tip and tricks, great gear ( and not just ours ), favorite sites, cool places to go, good eating and more than a few super micro breweries (to enjoy in moderation ). Hopefully, you can add to these pearls as we all stumble around the treasure troves of community knowledge.

Ground rules:  Civility is expected, no politics, no religion…Family friendly discussion…Please.

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