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900 fp Down shortages

At this time, 900 fill power White Goose Down is posing inventory issues.  Our source, the major U.S. importer, continues to receive down from the supply chain that does not test to this top quality level that we have enjoyed.

The issue with the high fill power material is a complicated matter, and one that is affecting the entire supply chain around the globe.

As the global demand exceeds the supply we have been informed that 900 fill power orders may wait or have the option of fill at then current fill power available as tested.

Here at Jacks ‘R’ Better we have chosen not to adjust our optional 900 fill power with weekly fluctuations of say 850 or 870 as it may test in any given shipment.  Therefore, the 900 fill power option may only be available on an occasional basis for the foreseeable future.  When it is not available the option will be removed from our website.  When 900 fill power is available we will make ever attempt to hold to our current price reductions for 2013.

At this time we do not expect shortages in the more popular, very high quality 800 fill power down.

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