Camping Quilts

Jacks R Better camping quilts are a lightweight alternative to the traditional sleeping bag. Proudly Made in the USA!

Quilts are lighter and take up less space when packed than sleeping bags. For thru-hikers, bike packers, motorcycle tourers, overlanders, RVr’s, or any type of camper a quilt can reduce weight and bulk.

The benefit of a camping quilt is the absence of the back insulation found on sleeping bags. Insulation only works when it has the ability to loft.  A sleeping bag’s insulation compresses under your body weight reducing its loft.  Camping quilts provide a top layer of insulation.  A sleeping pad or hammock underquilts provide insulation for your back. Eliminating the part of a sleeping bag that does not provide any warmth is how a quilt saves weight and bulk.

Camping Quilts are simple to use and more versatile than sleeping bags for year-round camping. You can seal the bottom to make a footbox like a sleeping bag or leave it open for easy venting. For comfort during warmer conditions just open up the sides of the quilt or kick out a leg for extra ventilation.

Camping quilts are perfect for side sleepers and folks who move around a lot while they sleep. A quilt provides freedom of movement and temperature regulation that you cannot get with a sleeping bag.

For sleeping with your partner a large quilt or two smaller ones snapped together is an excellent option. Sharing a camping quilt can eliminate carrying multiple pieces of gear reducing the weight that you have to carry.