Camping Quilts

Jacks R Better ultra light camping quilts do away the extra weight and excess features of a sleeping bag while keeping you warm and comfortable when sleeping outside.  For ground sleepers quilts are a lightweight alternative to the traditional sleeping bag. For hammock campers top quilts and under quilts provide total comfort and warmth. Proudly Made in the USA!

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  • Overland 20

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  • Wide SUmmer Quilt

    Big Meadows(20F)

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  • Sierra Sniveller (20F)

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  • Hammock Underquilt

    Mt Washington 3 (20F)

    Sale! $239.95
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  • Greylock 3 (20F)

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  • Nest underquilt for Hennessy hammock

    The Nest (20F)

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  • Hammock Quilt

    Hudson River Quilt (20F)

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  • The Mt Rogers Quilt (20F)

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Showing all 8 results