Compression Sacks

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SilNyl Compression/Stuff Sack. Unique design incorporates a paddlers dry bag style roll down top with a strap that fastens around the bottom of the bag to provide compression.

Regular size is 15″ long by 12″ wide (24″ circumference) 1.2 .oz.

Large size is 18″ long by 13″ wide (26″ circumference) 1.5 .oz.

1 review for Compression Sacks

  1. Taylor Cates

    I received a compression sack with my JRB High Sierra Sniveller in the mail a few days ago. While no doubt it will keep my gear dry, I had a few observations about the design I wanted to share:
    1. Weight. This has got to be one of the most lightweight dry sacks I had tested. A+ in that category
    2. Design. While the roll-top design is nothing new, the unique shape of the dry sack makes packing the sleeping bag down a bit tricky since you have sort of bear-hug the bag after every few rolls to make sure you keep the sleeping bag from “popping” back out. The versatility of the bag is awesome, however I think I will continue to use my ultra-sil dry bag since the 4-way compression straps let me compact the sleeping bag a little better.

    On a final note, you have to be sure to roll the top of the sack down a few times before putting in/taking out any delicate items, i.e. down, since the velcro strap closure will be very abrasive to the nylon fabrics.

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