DriDucks Poncho™ Weather Shield Modification (Applied)


A DriDucks™ poncho with the JRB Weather Shield modification applied by JRB.



Description: A DriDucks™ poncho with the JRB Weather Shield modification applied by JRB.

The DriDucks™ Poncho is made from an ultra-light, waterproof, breathable, nonwoven polypropylene fabric.  The material is fragile.  Make every effort to avoid snagging it while hiking or in camp.  It can be repaired with duct tape, applied to the outside. Tears of material are not warranted.

Your JRB Suspension System (sold separately) shock cord with JRB carabineers makes an excellent waist cord to keep the poncho closed and close to the body while hiking or wearing in camp.

Your factory materials and workmanship warranty may be void, however, JRB will warrantee both the poncho and the applied modification for materials and craftsmanship. Wear and tear is excluded and the poncho material is noted as light weight and subject to tearing if roughly used, such as hiking on other than clear prepared trails. It is field repairable with duct tape.


  • Length:79 inches
  • Width: 51 inches
  • Weight: 10.3 ounces


To Protect Your Hammock Under Quilt

To suspend the poncho under your hammock, hang the poncho in the same manner as hanging a quilt (described in the instructions enclosed with the JRB Suspension System – sold separately).

Note that the Hennessy Hammock™ tie outs go though both of the small elastic loops on the side. This will shorten the poncho to the same length as a JRB under quilt. It will also form a pocket that reduces excess snugness in the center under the HH or any other gathered end hammock.

On regular top loading hammocks, including the JRB Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock (BMBH) put one elastic loop through the other then put the under quilt side ladder loop through the protruding elastic loop. It will hold this position without a knot. Doing this will shorten the length of the poncho in the weather shield mode to the length of the under quilt and thus allow it to hang properly suspended from the same JRB Suspension System as the under quilt.

Alternatively, on top loaders again and including the JRB BMBH hang one end of the poncho by the JRB Suspension System and hang the other end by running the drawn end cord through the secondary hitch of the JRB Suspension System and simply tie a bow.

Partially draw the hood closed and tuck the hood inside the poncho so that it stays clean when in used in the weather shield mode.

To Protect Your Top Quilt

Open the poncho fully and lay it out flat. Form the foot box on the weather shield by joining the omni-tape on the right side of the poncho to the omni-tape on the left side of the poncho. Next, pull the drawstring on the foot end to close the end of the foot box. Slide the foot end of your quilt or sleeping bag into the foot box of the weather shield.

Be very careful undoing the side snaps. They can stress the material and pull out or even tear the material. Failures of this nature are user error and are not warranted.

Omni-tape will stick to itself. Storing the modified poncho/weather shield is best done with the omni-tape pieces matched and attached. When wearing the poncho, if you fold any tape sections down the middle lengthwise and close each piece on its self you will reduce its tendency to snag on other gear, the poncho itself, or you.


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