Quilt Liner / Summer Blanket

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Soften the feel of your nylon quilt with the coziness of fleece. Extend the temperature range of your existing quilt … or use just the Quilt Liner as a top blanket during those sultry summer nights. The JRB Quilt Liner/Summer Blanket measures 72 inches long and is 50 inches wide with a 15 inch diameter circular foot box sewn in the bottom.

Made of 100 weight micro-fleece and weigh 18 ounces.

The Quilt Liner packs to a 12 inch long, 5 inch diameter cylinder.

3 reviews for Quilt Liner / Summer Blanket

  1. Charles Homeijer (verified owner)

    I enjoyed a great weekend in the White Mountains, hiking and snowshoeing. Plenty of snow and definitely cold temperatures. We started on Saturday morning at the AMC Highland Center with a temperature of -9. That night we slept in the bunkroom of the Zealand Falls Hut where the interior temperature at bedtime was 2 degrees. I used my Sniveler with quilt liner and ended up sleeping comfortably in my long johns, socks and hat. I am delighted with the performance of your products and appreciate your personal guidance when asked for. When I was packing up the next morning, other hikers in the hut could not believe that I was comfortable with that small of a quilt in those temperatures.

  2. Short Round

    Anybody who has ever tried using a traditional mummy style liner in a hammock knows what a pain it can be to get in & out of. At the time i never knew that there was a fleece liner made for top quilts. JRB solves this by making the liner with NO zipper & giving it the same shape & cut as a top quilt making for super easy exit & entry from the hammock!

    In addition it adds warmth pair with your top quilt & as mentioned can be your summer top insulation

  3. Vanhalo (verified owner)

    One of my favorite pieces of gear. This extends the temperature range of my Hudson River by 5°-7° according to my calculations. The best sleep I have ever had was under this quilt liner and a Sierra Stealth.

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