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Knot free hammock hanging! By far the JRB Tri-Glide device is the simplest, no moving parts, no knot approach for securing 1 inch hammock webbing to trees. We searched far and wide and could not find a light weight tri-glide that would stand up to the rigors of hammock use. So we had The JRB Tri-Glide manufactured. They are machined of 3/16 inch plate, T6 Tempered 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. They weigh 11 grams each or 22 grams/0.77 oz per set.

The JRB Tri-Glides eliminate the requirement to tie a knot or form a secure wrapping or lashing when hanging a hammock with 1 inch web straps. Simply thread the hammock suspension strap thru a JRB Tri-Glide, wrap the web strap around the selected tree and back thru the JRB Tri-Glide. Repeat on the other end of the hammock. Done. Adjust, if needed. Use of the JRB Tri-Glide does not require the removal of straps from the hammock. Nor does it require the separate attachment of alternative devices such as descender rings, o-rings or cinch buckles. To remove, simply unthread the running end of the suspension webbing. The JRB Tri-Glide stays in place on the web strap, ready for next use.

The JRB Tri-Glide is not rated nor intended for climbing use.


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