Grip Clip™ Tarp and Fabric Fastener


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Product Description

Sold as a Set of 4 with cords

The Grip Clip™ tarp and fabric fastener attaches quickly and easily to a tarp or any fabric without tools. It can be used to join two tarps or to shape a tarp to fit a desired function by gathering up a fold. It also provides a secure anchor for staking or attaching poles or guy lines. You will find endless uses for them at home, in the garden, at construction sites, and while camping, boating, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, and more.


  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 0.2 ounce or 6 grams each (with cord); Set of 4 weighs 0.8 ounce

Attaching Grip Clips

The Grip Clip is a versatile, super strong tarp fastener. Here are instructions on how to attach them to tarps.


Consider These Additional Uses

  • Place on tarp panels to create side pull outs
  • Add internal suspension points
  • Additional side tie out on a tarp
  • Replacement for a tarp grommet or tab pulled out or torn
  • Use ordinary painters plastic drop cloth for a tarp with these grip clips for tie outs
  • Use opaque plastics for expedient and private tarps
  • Join two or more small tarps together for a large multi person tarp
  • Close off the end of an “A” configured tarp for three side protection vs. two side protection
  • Attach a poncho to a tarp to add coverage
  • Attach to hammock sides for under quilt attachment/ alignment (super addition for Blackbird, Speer and ENO hammocks)
  • Field replacement lacing loops for a failed zipper
  • Additional lashing points for a pack readily adds capacity/options or the ability to deal with limited and occasional use items or bags.
  • Lift sagging bug nets
  • Fashion rain kilts from ground cloth pieces
  • Fashion a field expedient water bag for toting or suspending as a shower source
  • Fashion soak pit or tub for field cleaning requirements
  • Secure the side of ponchos without snaps
  • Field substitution for failed poncho snaps
  • Field substitute for missing button


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