Manufacturers of high quality, ultra light camping and backpacking gear, hammock and hammock suspension systems and ultra light down quilts that keep you comfortable in any outdoor sleeping environment.
Licensed Virginia Bedding Manufacturer (Permit No. 14027)
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NEW since late 2016 - the entire line of JRB quilts has been refreshed by the use of sub one ounce DWR rip stop nylon, saving on average one ounce of weight per quilt.

NOW ... NEW for 2017 - the previously unadvertised weight savings from the new material has been reinvested by increasing the down over fill to a quilt wide average of 25%.

More Loft...Greater Down Density...Warmer...Same Low Weight...Same Small Pack Size...Same Low Prices

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Greylock 3, Greylock 4, JRB SilNyl Hex Tarp, STL Set (Hex Tarp), Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Trekker LT

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Jacks 'R' Better has the Answers

Jacks ‘R’ Better, LLC manufactures and carries the ultra light camping gear, backpacking gear, hammocks, and down quilts that help you solve the age old problem of being comfortable while sleeping in the outdoors. As insulation and hammock specialists, Jacks ‘R’ Better is your one stop shop for luxurious, durable and ultra light camping gear, backpacking gear and accessories. Our unique Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock is the first camping hammock in the world that is a true lay flat, lay straight camping hammock. We also offer the widest selection of top quality camping under and over down quilts. Our down quilts provide the “ground based sleeper” an alternative insulation system to that of the traditional sleeping bag. For the hammock enthusiast, our down quilts offer a top and under quilt that provides comfort and insulation. We carry a large inventory of ultra light gear that is ready to meet your camping needs, including ultra light tarps, complete hammock suspension systems and hammocks and high quality, state of the art, US made down quilts and under quilts. We have the best reputation and are one of the premier ultra light camping gear specialists and suppliers in the US. We carry everything you will need in order to stay dry, warm and comfortable while camping.

When you need or want help, or answers, or just wish you could talk to someone; just call … (800) 595-0413. You will get a real person during shop hours!

Be Safe & Enjoy All Your Outdoor Adventures!