JRB Spring Pole


Made to order, shipped by 04/13/2023


JRB Spring Poles are the perfect complement for the JRB Universal Tarp.  They are constructed of Easton Nanolite aluminum poles with shock cord connection.  In use, they readily add volume to classic “A” pitched tarp to reform it in either a hooped center, if one spring pole is used; or a tunnel, when two spring poles are used.

When used with the JRB Universal Tarp in either a Baker shelter or an Adirondack shelter style pitch, they will lift the open side of the shelter for full height walk up access to the shelter area or hammock.  No need to resort to finding a deadfall pole to use as a center lift.

When used in a near flat or slant roof pitch they create nearly 120 square feet of coverage with only two trees.  This is ideal quick coverage for group trail breaks, picnic table coverage or simply high spacious rain protection that allows for maximum ventilation in warm weather.

Sold individually.

Note: The JRB Spring Poles may be adapted to any 10 foot claimed (9 ft 8 in actual) tarp with minor modification for end attachment by grommet or pole tip pocket and a mid-point alignment guide.


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