Ultralight Shenandoah Quilt 40°

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.67 nylon fabric and 1000FP down makes this the lightest quilt in our lineup. Comfort rated to 40ºF the Ultralight Shenandoah Summer Quilt can be used either as a top quilt (in a hammock or on the ground) or as a hammock underquilt (JRB Suspension System sold separately).

Gear-Report Review of the Shenandoah Ultralight

Regular Size
Length: 78 inches (1.98 m)
Width: 48 inches (1.22 m)
Weight: 11.5 ounces (0.33 kg) Avg.
Long Size (Recommended For Folks Over 5′ 10″)
Length: 86 inches (2.18 m)
Width: 48 inches (1.22 m)
Weight: 12.5 ounces (0.35 kg) Avg.


Ultralight Quilts keep your pack light while keeping you warm. Featuring .67 nylon fabric and 1000FP down this is the lightest quilt in our lineup.

Designed for use in moderate temperatures. The Ultralight Shenandoah Summer Quilt can be used either as a top summer quilt (in a hammock or on the ground) or as a hammock underquilt (JRB Suspension System sold separately). This sew-through down quilt is ideal for use when temperatures are not expected to be below 40°. For individuals over 5 feet 10 inches tall, we offer a long version (86″ in length).


  • Lighter: Ultralight Quilts are more than 30% lighter than a sleeping bag.
  • Less Volume:  Quilts take up less space in your pack and require less compressing. Which results in not having to wait for your quilt to re-loft.
  • Freedom: Quilts are less restrictive than a sleeping bag
  • No Zippers: Zippers are heavy and fail at the least opportune moment.
  • Easy of Entry/Exist:  Ultralight Quilts allow for no-hassle trips to answer the call of nature at night.
  • Venting:  Quilts make it simple to regulate your temperature. Too Hot? Kick a leg out or throw it off your torso. Too cold? Close the footbox and snap the quilt behind your head to seal off drafts and reduce the dead air space your body needs to warm up.


  • Premium 1000FP Down: The Ultralight Shenandoaj boasts premium 1000-fill power-down insulation, making it exceptionally efficient at trapping heat. You’ll stay comfortably warm, even during chilly nights in the wilderness.
  • Over-stuff: All Jacks ‘R’ Better quilts are optimized with a 25% over-stuff to reduce downshifting and enable the quilt to maintain its rating if the down loses loft between cleanings or due to dampness. We do not recommend any additional overstuffing.
  • Long-Term Storage: All Jacks R Better Quilts come in a zippered storage bag that does not compress the quilt and allows airflow. Consequently making it perfect for long-term quilt storage.
  • Packing: We recommend using a lawn contractor bag or trash compactor liner while backpacking to keep your quilt dry while allowing it to expand or compress to evenly fill available space in your backpack.  We offer compression sacks separately for individuals looking to pack their quilt into the smallest space possible.
  • Hammock Fit – The Shenandoah summer hammock quilt works as an underquilt on all gathered-end and bridge hammocks. Including; ENO Hammocks, Hennessy Hammocks, Warbonnet Hammocks, Dutchware Chameleon, as well as most other brands and DIY hammocks.
  • Foot Box: The footbox is formed with a drawcord, cord locks, and double-sided Kam Snaps.
    Compression Sack: A lot of folks no longer use compressions sacks and instead keep their quilts dry inside a lawn contractor bag or trash compactor liner.  We do not want anyone to have to pay for something they do not want so now we offer them separately. For 40° quilts, we recommend the regular-size compression sack.


Gear-Report Review of the Shenandoah Ultralight

2 reviews for Ultralight Shenandoah Quilt 40°

  1. TL (verified owner)

    Went hammock UL a year ago and the Shenedoa UL brings me down to 10.33. Beautiful piece of kit. It replaces my JRB SS, which should just about sum it up. Thanks Jack’s

  2. Charles Edwards

    Great for fair weather adventures. Anything below 50, it gets cold. I’m pretty sure it’s me rolling around and catching a draft. I added some DIY elastic straps, I think that will fix the issue. Super lightweight. Nice craftsmanship. Not cheap but it’s good gear.

    • the jacks

      Hi Charles! Ultralight Shenandoah should be plenty warm for you down to its comfort rating. We do not recommend using pad straps, they can pull the quilt taught and prevent the quilt from lofting the full 1.5″ to provide the 40° rating. Using pad straps can also create additional dead air space along your sides which your body has to warm up.

      Our quilts are designed not to need pad straps. Most of the time putting your feet in the footbox and letting the quilt lay over you like a blanket is all you need to do to get the most out of it. For those times when you are approaching or below the comfort rating snap the head end snap behind your neck, and pull the drawcords in just enough to create pockets for your shoulders. This will cause the quilt to contour around you while remaining fully lofted and will reduce the amount of dead airspace you need to warm.

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