Sierra Sniveller (20F)

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The comfort-rated 20ºF (-6.66ºC) Jacks ‘R’ Better Sierra Sniveller wearable camping quilt was designed for the ground sleeper and is lighter than a sleeping bag. The Sierra Sniveller can be used as serape, a blanket, or make the tapered end into a foot box.

  • Regular Size (Recommended For Folks Under 5′ 11″)
    Length: 78 inches (1.98 m)
    Width: 56 inches (1.42 m) at the head end tapering from the middle down to 46 (1.17m) inches at the foot end
    Weight: 25 ounces (0.70 kg)
  • Long Size (Recommended For Folks Over 5′ 10″)
    Length: 86 inches (2.18 m)
    Width: 56 inches (1.40 m)at the head end tapering from the middle down to 46 (1.17m) inches at the foot end
    Weight: 27 ounces (0.76 kg)


Footbox Options

The standard footbox is formed with a drawcord, cord-locks and double-sided Kam Snaps. This allows the quilt to be left as a blanket for easy venting, a foot-box to be formed, or multiple quilts to be stacked in colder temperatures.

NOTE: Adding a custom option may delay shipping by a few days.


Sierra Sniveller Wearable Camping Quilt

The  Sniveller wearable camping quilt was designed for the ground sleeper and is lighter than a sleeping bag.

The Sierra Sniveller can be used as serape, a blanket, or make the tapered end into a foot box. So no more squirming around to get in and out.

Sierra Sniveller Wearable Camping Quilt Features:

  • Comfort rated 20ºF (-6.66ºC)
  • A resealable head hole allows the quilt to be worn as a serape.
  • Shell made of water-resistant lightweight nylon.
  • Filled with 850-fill-power Down
  • Drawcord, cord-locks, and double-sided KamSnaps are used to create a foot box.
  • Double-sided KamSnaps allow multiple quilts to be combined in colder temperatures.
  • Six lacing tabs along the side allow the quilt to be secured around a sleeping pad.
  • For individuals over 5 feet 10 inches tall, we offer the camping quilt in a long version (86″ in length).

Down: 850 FIll Power certified Responsible Down Standard (RDS). Fill power is a measurement of how much space one ounce of down will occupy when lofted, measured in cubic inches. Since the temperature rating of a quilt is based on how much loft there is, quilts using a higher fill power down will require less down by weight to achieve a specific temperature rating than a bag using a lower fill power down.

Overstuff: The Sierra Sniveller is optimized with a 33% over-stuff by weight.  Markedly reducing down migration and enabling the quilt to maintain its rating if the down loses loft between cleanings. Consequently, we do not recommend any additional over-stuffing.


Long Term Storage: Every Jacks ‘R’ Better Sierra Sniveller wearable camping quilt comes in a zippered storage bag that does not compress the quilt and allows airflow. Consequently making it perfect for long-term quilt storage.

Packing: We recommend using a lawn contractor bag or trash compactor liner while backpacking to keep your Sierra Sniveller wearable camping quilt dry while allowing it to expand or compress to evenly fill available space in your backpack.  We offer compression sacks separately for individuals looking to pack their quilt into the smallest space possible.

Francis Tapon’s Sierra Sniveller wearable camping quilt review

28 reviews for Sierra Sniveller (20F)

  1. JackM (verified owner)

    I just received my Sierra Sniveller yesterday and I’m impressed with quality. The versatility of footbox, no footbox, open footbox, and serape garment is amazing. Truly a high quality multiuse insulating item for my backpacking needs!

    I look forward to using it for years to come!

    Thanks guys!

  2. Trent

    I bought this quilt to save weight and for versatility. I get way too hot in a sleeping bag. I hammock camp or sleep on the ground always. My first trip with the quilt it went down to 17 degrees in North Georgia but i made it through the night. 🙂 I love this quilt. As I write this review it is covering me. My son steals it for Boy Scout trips and it often ends up up on my bed. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. I take it every where I go including long flights. It is in my pack hunting, kayaking and fishing. Buy it!

  3. Dug “Rawhide” Shelby

    I had the distinct pleasure of using the Sierra Sniveller on my 2011 PCT thru-hike. It was without question the one piece of my gear kit that I couldn’t wait to use each day! If you follow long distance hiking, you might remember that 2011 was a record year for snowfall throughout the Sierra Nevada mountain range – yet each night I was toasty warm. There were only a few nights I felt the need to supplement with my jacket. Simply amazing. Heading into Idyllwid, myself and two other hikers made camp as a storm front was descending. Both were very concerned that all I had was a quilt and a small tarp. I think my comfortable night there convinced them that a Jacks’R’Better quilt is more than capable. The thought that went into the design, the materials, and the construction are flawless. The versatility of the quilt style made it perfect for everything from the Mojave desert to base camping Mt. Whitney. I won’t use anything else again. I will definitely be using my Sierra Sniveller on a 5,000 mile cross country bike ride in the summer of ’13, and another PCT thru-hike in 2014 (both to benefit victims of human trafficking).

    Jack & Jack, thank you for producing such an amazing sleep system!

    Dug “Rawhide” Shelby
    President, The Oasis Projekt

  4. Doogster (verified owner)

    Great quality and superb customer service. Ordered online and 7 days later or so it was with me in Scotland. Nice and lightweight and compresses down to a small size. All good! Thanks.

  5. Joe Coxq

    I waited a few months so I could give an honest review of this product and after several trips in the shining rock wilderness of NC , I can say I’m very impressed. A quality American made product that is made to last. I can finally get a really good nights sleep on the trail, something I couldn’t do in a bag. The dri- down works as advertised as I found after sleeping with the foot box against my single wall shelter one night. The condensation was all over the outside and I just knew the down was wet. A couple shakes of the quilt was all it took and the down was bone dry. Works as advertised, I got more than I payed for in my opinion . Just one of the reasons to support our local business when possible. I will be doing business with them again as my wife wants one now, great product, great people, what more could you ask for.

  6. Jason Green (verified owner)

    After experimenting with several mummy bags, I stumbled across Jacks quilts, and I am a believer. For less than the cost of a premium mummy, I can sleep in complete comfort on the trail for the first time in my life! I think my favorite feature of this quilt is its versatility. Warm summer night? Stick a leg out the side and sleep like a baby. Freezing cold high dessert trip? Pull the strings tight, hunker down and you won’t even notice the night air.

    I’d also like to add that their customer service is impeccable. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but as with all of my most important gear, I figured I’d spend as much as I could afford. After speaking with one of the Jacks, he actually steered me to the Sniveler and saved me about $80.

    In short, I could not be happier with the gear, or my experience, with Jacks R Better. Thank you!

  7. Ernie

    I’ve been struggling to get a not-sweaty nights sleep in the outdoors for years. Using my quilt is the first time i’m able to regulate body temperature easily and not wake up due to being too hot, or because i got tangled in my sleeping bag. Its just like sleeping in my bed where i make adjustments automatically. I wont be going back to a mummy bag.

  8. MikeM (verified owner)

    I looked around for a while in the off season trying find a new bag. I looked at several quilts and bought this one based on size weight and packability. I have used it in several different environments and love it. I had been using my old mummy bag as a quilt. It was twice as heavy and more than double the size. I was in sub 19 degree weather and was warm. This was a great equipment purchase.

  9. JackM (verified owner)

    Francis Tapon is a hiking adventurer, world traveler, and author. Jacks ‘R’ Better LLC has been sponsoring his adventures since 2007, when he was the first to YOYO the Continental Divide Trail.

    His books, “Hike Your Own Hike” and “Hidden Europe” are great reads and pleasant escapes. His current efforts to visit and video “The Unseen Africa” is one year into what is planned to be a four year project. It is expected to yield a television series which should be quite enjoyable.

    Enjoy the scenic backdrop and windy conditions of Morocco behind Francis as he demonstrates one of our quilts … That quilt, the original “Rocky Mountain Sniveller”, the fore runner of today’s High Sierra Sniveller, has traversed the 6,000 mile YOYO of the CDT, has experienced two years of European adventures, has been tossed with around with other gear in his transport for 12 month as he travels around Africa, and is still used in the high traverses that Francis loves to challenge.

  10. LP (verified owner)

    I love this quilt. On a 3-week trip in the Sierra Nevadas in July, I had maybe one cold night (and I sleep pretty cold). I also had a couple sweaty nights at low elevation, before figuring out that I didn’t need to wear all my clothes every night because this wasn’t my old mummy bag.
    The quilt was warm, light and compressible, and easy to take care of. It got condensation a couple nights, but dried out nicely when the sun came out. I thought I’d freeze in wind or if I tossed and turned a lot, but it was easy to keep the quilt edges tucked around me.
    In short, I look forward to using this quilt for years to come. Thanks for the fine gear!

  11. Paul Flynn (verified owner)

    I bought the Sierra Sniveler for a 14 mile overnight backpacking trip with my son this past November on the Loyalsock Trail in Pennsylvania. After deciding that I wanted to save the weight by shedding the traditional sleeping bag and gain the freedom of movement from a quilt, many online gear reviews mentioned Jacks ‘R’ Better as highly favorable.

    When my Sniveler was delivered I was shocked as to how light it was and, in all honesty, was worried that it wasn’t going to keep me warm in the cold Pennsylvania woods. I tried it out as blanket a few times at my son’s soccer games and it always seemed warm enough, but I wasn’t sure how it was going to perform.

    I tend to sleep hot and I have an Exped DownMat 9 which is very warm and comfortable. I went to sleep in silk long underwear. During the night, the temperature had dropped down to 16 degrees. I woke up about 4:00am to hear one of our guys milling about and then I noticed how unbelievably warm I was. I could have easily shed the long underwear and socks and I still would have been warm enough.

    The velcro footbox and cinch sting worked brilliantly and I was able to pack the quilt down and put it in my sleeping back compartment on my pack and still have room to spare. If you are considering shedding the weight of your bag and want the toasty comfort and freedom of a quilt, go with a Jacks quilt.

  12. Stephen Bentley

    I received the Sniveller a few weeks before Christmas 2014 and have slept out on several occasions with the temp never above 40 degrees. The low temp on one night was 26. I slept warm with this above and the Mt. Washington 3 below. I have been very happy. I did ask Jack to make one change and I had the snivellor within a week. I love you quilts.

  13. Earl Gunn

    I have the Greylock 3 and the seirra sniveler. And love them. We went camp at hogs camp gap back in February 2015 it was 7 degrees over night and they work pretty well for being rated at 20 ish. Needless to say they make a great product.

  14. Wally Betts

    I bought the sierra sniveller in October 2014 and used it a 6-8 times since,but my last outing I did the unthinkable and cooked where I sleep,I was being very careful but forgot my spoon so I got up from the hammock and ducked down under the tarp to get my spoon where my backpack was and I started to smell nylon,only to find out my top quilt fell off the hammock and settled on the alcohol stove burning a good size hole in it,damaging two bays and some of the webbing between the bay’s, as I was explaining this to Jack he said don’t beat yourself up you learned your lesson. He suggested to repair it and he explain how to do it,He then asked for my address and Jack mailed me two bags of down,outside material, webbing material,and thread for me to repair it,not only that it was at my house in Two days. I am so impressed with this customer service you guys are professionals in what you do, thanks so much,just in time since I am taking it out in 3 days for a forty mile hike, my wonderful wife did a awesome job in the repair. I can’t say enough about Jack’s R better. You guys are top notch.

  15. Boyscout1108

    When I ordered the quilt I didn’t think I needed the Sniveler I just wanted a straight up quilt. JRB recommended the benefits and I reluctantly agreed and ordered the Sniveler. I thought there was no way I would you that function, but there was no drawback to having it. Wouldn’t you know the very first outing I wrapped myself up in it in the morning. Great product

  16. Monty (verified owner)

    First quilt as a new hammock camper. Have used it nearly a year in spring, summer, and recently in winter over. Camp in North Georgia were it does get very warm…and most winters are very mild. Its been a great addition to my gear.

    I love that the quilt is lightweight and packs up tightly (I think its my favorite thing I carry in my bag). Very warm…really haven’t have any issues there.

    I do take issue with the velcro seam in the footbox. You do notice the velcro edges against your skin (its quite stiff and rough against your skin). The seam is under your legs so its very easy to notice.

  17. Big G_73

    A quality USA made down quilt, granted i didn’t purchase mine direct from the USA from JacksRbetter.
    I bought mine here in the UK in as new condition from a UK seller on eBay, i paid £120.00 and i’m absolutely delighted with it.
    Being 6″2 and 260lb i find most mummy shape sleeping bags to constricted with no room to toss and turn. I’m a ground sleeper in a tent and
    before buying this down quilt i was using a british army arctic sleeping bag, which has its pros & cons, big & bulky the size of a baby elephant and weighs half a ton lol.
    It’s a spacious and warm bag for when the temps drop, but ideally suited to car camping.
    I’ve not used my down quilt in a british winter yet, but i’m sure i’ll be ok with my merino wool base layer on using my exped mat.
    If you’re on the fence about purchasing a JacksRbetter down quilt, i can whole heartedly recommend them.

    Big G_73 a very happy UK wildcamper 😉

  18. Brian (verified owner)

    Over a year of continual weekly use, from the high alpine of colorado in the summer to the high desert of CA, UT, AZ this quilt has kept me toasty! I often had terrible nights of sleep with zip sleeping bags, I am a side sleeper and this part 1 of 2 to dialing in a great sleep system. The foot box is awesome and helps keep the quilt on me when I change positions through the night. Works well in my bivy sac and sea to summit comfort plus insu pad. This is the set up for a side sleeper. Looking forward to getting the High Sierra for the colder winter nights. Made in the USA for confidence of quality.

    minus one ★ for the down shifting but, I think they have their reasons for the baffle system.

  19. Steve Miller (verified owner)

    My wife and I through-hiked the AT last summer (2015), each with a Jrb SS quilt. We tented (sometimes staying in shelters). Neither of us will ever go back to a conventional mummy. Total satisfaction.

  20. William Fosnaugh (verified owner)

    We recently went on a Christmas hike, temps in the low 30 over night. I had Sierra Sniveller, my wife had the high serria, because she sleeps colder then I do. Combined with a Sea to Summit insinuated pad, we don’t even notice the cold. I am conifidemt I could have gone a good 10 degrees cooler. These things are light and extremely packable. I will be recommending the to everyone. Thanks for a great product

  21. Bill Kline

    I am copying this from my OP at the Facebook Mississippi Hammock Camping group. This is also posted in the MW3 UQ reviews. It is from back in Nov 16, but I just remembered I should also post it here: ………………………………….
    Here is a report for some hammock stuff that I have had a few years but never really put to the test: a JRB UL Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock(BMBH). I have tested the original model a lot over the years, but this is the UL model and I never actually slept in it over night. Used a discontinued version of the JRB MW3 Under quilt(UQ). This model is a “convertible” which can be used either full length or head to mid thigh length. I have used the winter MW4 on both the original BMBH and WB Blackbird, in really cold weather(10F), works great, but never put the MW3 convertible to the test, and when I have used it, it has been in “short” mode. Also have never tested the Sierra Sniv at appropriate temps, so here Ya go:
    On top I used a JRB Sierra Sniveller with treated down.
    The forecast low was 22F, both of these quilts were rated 20-25F, perfect test. I usually sleep in my warm clothing if it is dry, and/or vapor barrier(VB) clothing, but I wanted to test only the quilts, so my only layers were the lightest weight long johns, plus some cotton PJs and T shirt(don’t know why I kept the cotton on, I usually don’t, cotton is some cold fabric especially if damp!) Also I used my JRB down hood and some VB socks with just my daily wear thin nylon socks over them, no thick wool socks or booties.

    Worked great! Oh, I did start out with a light down jacket I was wearing as I set up in the dark under a JRB tarp, and I wore it when I 1st got in, temps in the mid 30s. But after a bit, I could tell I was getting hot enough to sweat, and my head and face were really warm, so I took the jacket off as I planned to anyway. And basically slept anywhere from toasty warm(but with no need to vent) to just warm enough, for the entire night. About 0645, I was awakened by some geese flying over real close, honking away, so I got up (at 25F) and made some coffee. But I stayed warm enough from the back of my head to my heels, and the TQ had no trouble keeping me at least adequately warm on top through out the night. Even without thick wool socks, just the VB socks covered by thin nylon socks, my feet stayed very warm all night. So, I would say that- for this old man who is not quite as hot natured as I used to be, this quilt set’s rating is close to dead on. I think I could have gone at least several more degrees without getting too cold to sleep. I also know that with thick layers, and especially with VBs or both, I could easily push this 10-20F lower. So for me works as advertised. Also, the UL BMBH proved very comfy either laying on my back or side legs straight or slight amount of fetal position. No hint of calf ridge or knee extension, as expected. Some minor issues with pillow/neck comfort that I need to work on, need to get the right sized pillow, or no pillow, maybe just a small roll under my neck. All in all, a good combo of hammock, TQ and UQ!

  22. Soundtrack AT Flip-Flop 2019

    I am over halfway finished with my Appalachian Trail thruhike and I absolutely love this quilt. I am a cold sleeper by default and I’ve kept this quilt with me from my start in Georgia in April (cold) and have kept it this entire time (even through the summer) and plan to keep it my whole trip. Now that it’s hot I will just sleep with one leg out or if it’s terribly warm at night I won’t use anything.

    Bottom line this quilt is lightweight, when it was cold I loved the serape function – it felt like I never even got out of bed since I could retrieve my bear bag without getting out of my sleeping bag! People were always asking me what quilt I had as I walked around looking like a 5’2” sumo wrestler/caterpillar.

    The fabric feels amazing and my mom likened it to feeling like a blanket made by angels since it’s so soft.

    I did remove the cord that cinch the head tight and got rid of the little plastic pieces that help you easily cinch the toe box. Instead I just do an easy knot. That way I save weight and the hard plastic piece doesn’t hit me in the face, haha!

    I’ve washed it once in a washer and dried it via air dry in the dryer without issue. I wish it came in different colors is all!

    I definitely recommend this quilt and plan to keep it for a long time!

  23. Jason Swingle (verified owner)

    I’m a Snivellar fan. I’m 5’10” and not a little guy. I have heard everybody raving about quilts and I had enough free money to buy one. So I did. It’s nice and toasty and very comfortable. I’m impressed with the weight. It’s very lightweight. It has a button up and conch footbox, so on the warmer nights you can open the bottom up or use it like a blanket. So far I’m satisfied with it. Thanks JRB for a quality quilt.

  24. Randy C. (verified owner)

    Bought the Sierra Sniveler to go with my Mt Washington 3. Excellent quality with both quilts. So pleased I’m gonna buy another one for my wife.

  25. TC (verified owner)

    I recently bought the Sierra Sniveler. I already had the High Sierra Sniveler and the Sierra Stealth, so this was the perfect ‘in-between’ quilt. All I can say is that this thing is awesome! It is extremely light, and the down is very lofty. One thing I’ve learned to do with the baffles on all my quilts is to either sweep or shake the down toward the center for chilly nights. That really helps insulate me while I sleep. The poncho capability makes this quilt very versatile. I honestly have never needed to use it yet for that purpose, but from testing it out at home I know that it will work perfectly when needed. I love the fabric they use to make this thing. I used to own a Sierra Designs Backcountry Quilt, which had some really nice features. However, the fabric they used was not nearly as comfortable against the skin as the Jacks R Better quilts.
    Lastly, the customer service for Jacks R Better is top notch. They even included an extra storage bag for me at no charge.

  26. Douglas Hart

    Premium people making premium products. All the good sleep makes this world a better place.

  27. Tyler

    Bought mine in 2015. Been on probably 20 trips with it ranging from 2-4 nights. Been fantastic. Losing abit of fluffiness after these years, but I may try to wash it for the first time and see if it wont revive a little.

    Great product, always recommend JRB.

    • thejacks

      Hi Tyler!

      Glad to hear your quilt has served you well. I have found washing a quilt does a great job restoring the loft. Dirt and oils collect over time and prevent the down from fully lofting. Check out our full instructions on how to wash it.

  28. Mike Y (verified owner)

    I have 2 Sierra Sniveller (20F) quilts . A older version with the Velcro and a newer version with the snaps . I have had these down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit wearing my winter base layer down hat and socks and was comfortable . Love the quilts but I do like the Velcro better than the snaps . The snaps feel like little rocks when my foot happens to move on them making it uncomfortable . I put some mole skin patches over the snap for now until I come up with something better. Love the quilt so the snaps are not a deal breaker .

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