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Turn your “Sniveller” style quilt into a down jacket or parka or wear them with any vest to turn it into a jacket (JRB Down Hood available separately). Made of 1.1 oz. ripstop nylon with Durable Water Resistant (DWR) treatment and 800 fill power, Activ-Dri treated down. When worn under a light weight rain suit it approximates a winter survival parka. Weight: 5 oz. per pair. Available in Regular (R), and Long (L) sizes.

Note: This is a sized item. If you wear a regular dress shirt, sleeve 32-33, order regular. Sleeve length of 34-35 order long, Sleeve length of 36-37 nad need extra girth order XL.


Few Warm Tricks

JRB Sleeves were conceived primarily for use with the No Sniveller quilt. When wearing the No Sniveller as a serape, the JRB Down Sleeves convert the serape into full down jacket. They will work equally well with the JRB Nest under quilt.

Each Sleeve has an elastic shoulder strap tipped with an omni-tape pad that extends from the peak of the shoulder and a similar strap extending from the front side of the shoulder opening (sternum strap). To use with either the No Sniveller or the Nest the sleeves can either be worn individually or attached integrally to the quilts. To integrate with the quilts, simply attach the omni-tape tab of each shoulder strap to the omni-tape back of the neck opening approximately 3-4 inches from the shoulder center point. This will keep the sleeves in position without further adjustment. When used in this manner tuck the sternum straps into the sleeves, out of the way. If you would prefer sleeves long enough to easily cover your hands to the knuckles simple move the point of attachment outward from the center line by another 3-4 inches. Sleeve length is easily adjustable within this range.

If you would like to wear your sleeves by themselves, fasten the omni-tape ends of the shoulder straps together, put on the sleeves, then removing the sternum straps from each sleeve and fasten the omni-tape ends of the sternum straps across your chest. You may now add or remove the No Sniveller or Nest over the sleeves effortlessly. Alternatively, you may chose to wear a vest over the sleeves worn in this manner, thus converting the vest into a jacket.

If you find that you have underestimated the weather and don’t have adequate gloves. Your sleeves may be used as a hand muff. Simply insert a cord through a sleeve, put the cord over the head and you have a ready muff. Hands still cold? Double the sleeves, one inside the other, before threading the cord. Is your buddy similarly under prepared? Fashion two muffs from a pair of JRB Sleeves and be a hero.

At bed time you have several alternative uses for JRB Sleeves:

  • Wear them to bed for warmer arms and a warmer trunk in the arm area.
  • Wear them on your lower legs. They have been purposely made full enough on the cuff end for this use. Nice for arthritic knee sufferers and poor leg circulation. It will also help the blood flowing to the feet as well to retain its warmth.
  • Wear them over your feet. Actually, if you reverse them and pull the cuff over your foot, it will hold the sleeve positioned over your sock top and give good coverage over the foot. Yes, the end is open and if you move about a lot you can poke out a toe, just shift it to recover.
  • Augment your top quilt. Lay the sleeves loosely over you and under your top quilt. This works fine in a hammock because of the constraints of the sides, it does not work as well on the ground.
  • Augment your under quilt. Lay them between the under quilt and the hammock for more bottom insulation. This works best in the area under the butt and hips – normally the coldest spot.
  • Use them as a pillow. Fold one in half and place it inside the other. Fold the outer sleeve back over itself. Comfort and warmth for the neck and head.
  • Fold one in half and insert a ziploc baggy of dirty clothes for a firmer, soft, warm pillow. The second sleeve is now available as a hand muff or some other miscellaneous use.
  • Place your nalgene bottle full of boiled water in it for longer “hot water bottle” value.
  • Place your nalgene of cold water in it and take it to bed to keep your water from freezing and insulate it from your legs during the night.

The ultimate use is wearing the quilt and sleeves under an oversized light weight breathable rain jacket to achieve the equivalent of a 2-4 inch thick waterproof down jacket or parka.

All this for 5 ounces a pair!!!

Have you considered the complimenting JRB Down Hood for even greater capabilities at a mere 2 ounces?

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