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Way Point and Azimuth to 2008

As we close out our fourth year of operation Jacks ‘R’ Better, LLC has continued its phenomenal growth.  Our planned introduction of three new quilt models in 2007 resulted in on-time debuts of the Springer and Katahdin quilts to complete full four season options in the JRB Family of Large Quilts.  In the Standard family of quilts the Hudson River quilt debuted about two months later than planned but quite successfully. It added a third three season quilt, at significant economy, to the JRB Family of Standard Quilts.

Production capacity, quality, investment and inventory growth all made quantum improvement with our move to a full shop operation last March.  The most noticeable impact for our customers was that all long models of quilts moved from a three week special order status to “In Stock” and joined our routine 24-72 hour shipping.

Our planned introduction of the Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock and our two hammock tents made considerable progress in prototype development and production planning.  Although material sourcing and both trial and production runs continue, we anticipate bringing these items to market this fall/early winter.  Be assured the market debuts of this truly unique hammock and these full protection hammock tents will be one of our major foci for the 2008 model year.

2008 will see the introduction of our tenth quilt model.  Francis Tapon is currently about halfway thru the return leg of his Continental Divide Trail YOYO hike.  Francis, an accomplished ultra light and Triple Crown hiker, is sponsored by Jacks ‘R’ Better.  His sleep system and camp insulation is a prototype winter No Sniveller quilt.  When his hike is complete this fall and his test observations are included, JRB will debut the Rocky Mountain Sniveller.  The RMS will complete the No Sniveller style quilt line by providing a true winter model to compliment the three season No Sniveller and the Summer Stealth wearable quilts.

Sadly, the Weather Shield was dropped from production last year.  This unique product was designed for special extreme environments.  It was very economic and extremely water and windproof yet very light because of its two ply micro porous polypropylene material composition.  Our material source was bought and the production machinery was dismantled and shipped to China.  As of this writing we have not found a suitable replacement materiel that does not increase weight by 50-60 percent or quadruple the cost.  Accordingly we were forced to discontinue the Weather Shield.  We are still actively searching for a suitable replacement material and hope to reintroduce it eventually.


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