Self Tensioning Lines

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Keep the taut pitch you set all night every night with no additional effort.


Keep the taut pitch you set all night every night with no additional effort. Nine foot tarp lines of our high visibility two mil un-rated nylon cord with integral tensioners made of Thera-Band®. Stronger than surgical rubber bands, these heavy strength rubber tubes, originally designed as exercise material, are fashioned to provide 4-5 inches of tension adjustment per line to insure taut pitch for tarp materials, such as silicon impregnated nylon, that are prone to overnight stretch, especially in rain and heavy dew. A two inch loop in the end of each line enables quick secure placement or movement between tarp loops without tying a knot. Each cord weighs 0.4 oz.

5 reviews for Self Tensioning Lines

  1. Sagcds11

    I used these for a whole summer in Oregon. They worked very well and did keep my tarps taut in dry and wet conditions. I had to make very few adjustments. The only negative about them is that they lasted 2 seasons because the sun actually ate the rubber on the lines. I still use the lightweight lines without the rubber and have to make several adjustments now. It is a great idea and it did work well while the rubber was functional.

  2. Casey

    I have had these on my Superfly for four years now, and am happy with them. They will keep your tarp tight overnight, but not TAUT, as it was when you set it.
    I think the rubber parts will last a very long time, as long as they aren’t left out continuously in the sun, as it seems the other reviewer must have done.
    Plenty long for porch-mode sets, but not so long as to be cumbersome.
    They are well made and a good value, and seem plenty strong.
    I would recommend them to anyone with a nylon tarp. Other fabrics would not need them, of course, as they don’t stretch when wet.

  3. Boomer

    I’ve had them on my tarps for five years. I love that they keep the lines tight. I would expect that if they were left out in the sun for several months, like one reviewer, that the surgical rubber would crack due to UV damage.

    One star off: On the one hand, I like the bright yellow; however, what’s the point of having a camoflage tarp with bright yellow lines on it? I would like to see the Jacks come out with a second color choice – like medium brown for more stealthy applications. Maybe some reflective line in a dark color, so that it lights up when trying to find you way back to your hammock in the dark, but non-reflective in the sun when people are walking past your camp back in the bush.

  4. Luke

    Had a set of these on a tarp for 5 years now. No issues. I would like to see a reflective option with a slightly bigger guage rope. Winter time with gloves can be a challenge to tie and untie.

  5. Lee (verified owner)

    Works great! Always great products at JRB

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