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Way Point – Mid Year 2010

Way Point

At mid-year 2010 Jacks ‘R’ Better, LLC again finds itself enjoying significant sales growth across the board.

From a customer point of view several programmed and unprogrammed improvements were accomplished this year.

First, the long standing JRB goal of “same day” or “next day” shipping was significantly improved. Once a goal, “same or next day shipping” is now virtually guaranteed as inventory levels crossed from earlier 30-60 day levels into present 60-180 day levels on most products.

Prior to Trail Days six new items were added from NITEiZE, strictly as a matter of customer convenience. These include three separate packaging options, with and without cords, for the popular Figure 9s, the Small Figure 9 Carabiners and the new S Biners in both the small, # 2, plastic, 10 pound capacity and the medium, #3, black, stainless steel, 25 pound capacity.

The introduction of the JRB High Sierra Sniveller quilt occurred 2 months early to complete this ground optimized family of quilts with its winter model, well in advance of the coming winter.

The improved JRB 11×10 Cat Tarp with 8 additional tie tabs attained full inventory status in early march.

Summer saw the movement of the popular 1″ Dutch Clips from Hammock Forums to JRB for distribution. This was quickly followed by the introduction of 1.5″Dutch Clips and Dutch Biners.

To enable single source shopping for Whoopie Sling suspensions or components, JRB added 6 foot Whoopie Slings, Continuous Loops, and three sizes of tree saver straps in September.

Azimuth Update for Remainder of 2010

We continue to focus on customer service and quality products as we enter our seventh year at Jacks ‘R’ Better.

Current plans call for the introduction of a new tarp. Without too much detail, we expect this tarp while optimized for gathered end hammocks to also accommodate the Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock. Eventually, you can expect it in economic and light 1.3 oz silnyl, 1.0 oz UL spinnaker, and another fabric yet to be designated; all below the one pound mark.

Those who have waited patiently through our BMBH “Temporarily Out Of Stock” summer will soon be rewarded with a redesigned BMBH that has an attached bug net with three side zip and net storage tie backs. It is a significant improvement in convenience and bug seclusion, as well as a further simplification.

Jacks ‘R’ Better LLC is pleased to announce the delivery of Sierra Sniveller Specials commissioned by Titanium Goat. These Quilts are a full two ounces lighter than a standard Sierra Sniveller and are made with 20D “Intrepid” ripstop nylon and 900 fill power down. They are extreme soft and have incredible drape. Wider body width, tapered foot box and the iconic JRB sniveller style re-sealable head opening place them at the top of currently available UL quilts in function, weight, flexibility and quality.


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