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Waypoint and Azimuth 2018

Waypoint and Azimuth

The purpose of this newsletter is to formally announce the sale of Jacks ‘R’ Better LLC.


We have thoroughly enjoyed these last 14 years and truly appreciate the loyal support of all our customers. But, life goes on, and it’s time for the Jacks to move on to their next adventure(s). As of 1 March we have passed the baton to our good friend and hiking partner, Don Gravatt AKA “DGrav”, and his business partner, Dave Gallagher. On 5 March Jacks ‘R’ Better LLC formally opened for business in its new location in Hulmeville, Pennsylvania. For the immediate future, nothing has changed but the owners and the location. You can expect the same speedy service, quality products, and customer service from the new management. In return we encourage you to provide them the same dedication and loyalty that we enjoyed from you for the past 14 years. With that said, we thank you and wish everyone good luck, good hiking and warm comfortable camping. God bless, be safe and enjoy the outdoors.


Jack & Jack


Over a decade ago I had the pleasure of meeting The Jacks at a hammock hang, a few months later we did our first of many AT section hikes together. The Jack’s have become friends, mentors and family to me. Ten years prior to meeting The Jacks I met Dave Gallagher at a Viking funereal for a goldfish (true story), we quickly became friends and each other’s bad influence. Words fail to express what an honor it is to be the next part of the Jacks R Better story! We look forward to providing great customers service, fast shipping, quality products and a few new surprises in the coming months.

Dave & Don

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