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Hunting season safety

Fall also brings a variety of hunting seasons in almost every location.  It is always best to “Know before you go”.  So check you state and county game regulations before heading out.

A good safeguard is to insure adequate visibilitry and identity.  Break out your blaze orange gear and use it. Hats, jackets or vests and pack covers all add to your safety outdoors.  If you are unsure of the regulations in your planned trip area, be safe and use your blaze orange.

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Tech Talk: Testing Treated Down

Backpacker Magazine, September 2013, p 55 reports.

“International Down and Feather Testing Laboratories, the world’s largest independant down-testing facility, confirmed that in controlled testing (In the Hydrophobic Shake Test, water and down are combined in a jar and agitated until the feathers start absorbing water.) of feathers alone, treated down resists moisture up to 60 times longer and dries faster than conventonal stuff.  Our field testers also found that treated down bags feel more breathable – likely because the insulation stays drier and fluffier in humid conditions.  We hammered this crop of contenders (plus untreated down and synthetic models as controls) through months of diverse field conditions.  Lessons learned? 1) After a six hour soaking, synthetic bags absorbed a lot more water (more than 5 pounds) and dried much more slowly than the fastest drying treated down bags (days compared to hours).  2) A bag is much more than its fill.  Many facors are at play, including shell and lining materials and DWR treatments. High-quality untreated down bags performed better than expected in wet conditions, but we like the added insurance and increased comfort range of treated down.”

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active-dri down update

The short outage of activ-dri down has ended.  Last weeks backorders should all be shipped by the close of the week. Current orders will experiance a two day delay, but by 12 or 3 June all should be shipping same or next business day… We appreciate everyone’s patience this past week or so.

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Activ-dri down

We are now past the first two months of offering active-dri down in 800 fill power.  It is pleasing to report; that, you also see the value of this improvement in the hydrophobic quality of down. In fact, well over half of the recent orders are for active-dri down.

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900 fill power

Well we have come to the end of 900 fill power down again.  The global shortage persists.  The pricing is in a bubble state. The value is not what we consider approriate for our customers, thus JRB is again discontinuing it.  We do not anticipate re-offering 900 fill power until 2014, if then.


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Trail Days Sale

Well… It is that time  of year when everyone strarts hitting the trail… The AT community will gather at Damascus Virginia the weekend of 17,18 and 19 May 2013… This will be our TENTH Trail Days in space numbers one and two… If you are in for the week end please stop by and say hello… As always the sale will be worthwhile and the famous bargin bin will again be phenominal for value and savings… As always we expect the bargin bin to sell out on Friday.

For those using the web site the Trail Days Sale has already started with a coupon for ten percent off entire orders less quilts … The coupon is “TD2013″… Use it or loose it.

We will also have several quilt specials over the next couple of weeks so be sure to monitor the site and sign up for the news letter or like us on FB as we will post them there also.

We plan to end the TD2013 coupon and specials after we return from Trail Days on 20 May… But Hey, since my birthday is the 21st you might see it extended thru then… 🙂


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900 Fill Power

900 fill power down is back in stock.  You will find that option under all quilt pages and quilt sets.

As a side note, 900 fill power  is not yet available in activ-dri down.  We will post a notice when it becomes available, which may be a while, given the ongoing shortage of 900 fp.

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Best Value Approach

Well the first day of reckoning has arrived… 900 fill power down is no longer available from the largest down importer in the USA.  From alternative sources the cost of 900 fill power down is nearly double the recent cost of 800 fill power down… Arguably the value of extreme fill power down’s minor weight reduction is seriously diminished as that would cause a major price increase to customers or a severe, unsustainable margin reduction of 900 products.  Neither of these alternatives is acceptable.  Thus, Jacks ‘R’ Better is returning to our previous position that 800 fill power down is a super product that represents the ”best value approach” for both the customer and the market.

When the late spring imports of down begin arriving in the USA we will reevaluate the sustainable availability and cost of extreme fill power down.

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900 fp Down shortages

At this time, 900 fill power White Goose Down is posing inventory issues.  Our source, the major U.S. importer, continues to receive down from the supply chain that does not test to this top quality level that we have enjoyed.

The issue with the high fill power material is a complicated matter, and one that is affecting the entire supply chain around the globe.

As the global demand exceeds the supply we have been informed that 900 fill power orders may wait or have the option of fill at then current fill power available as tested.

Here at Jacks ‘R’ Better we have chosen not to adjust our optional 900 fill power with weekly fluctuations of say 850 or 870 as it may test in any given shipment.  Therefore, the 900 fill power option may only be available on an occasional basis for the foreseeable future.  When it is not available the option will be removed from our website.  When 900 fill power is available we will make ever attempt to hold to our current price reductions for 2013.

At this time we do not expect shortages in the more popular, very high quality 800 fill power down.