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Way Point and Azimuth 2013


We are over the Fiscal Cliff…And Rebounding. What is next for the economy is anybody’s guess.

The Jacks have spent the Holiday season, like always with family, and stealing a few hours to ship the post-Christmas orders. This period is, more importantly, used to close the books on the old year and set the goals, priorities, projects and key timeline details for the year ahead. Yup, planning 2013 has been a challenge.

Luckier than most small businesses Jacks ‘R’ Better LLC has come through almost nine years of strong growth and investment.  The business is now mature, facilities for all functions are first class, a huge operating inventory has been capitalized and is on hand to start the year, computers, servers and commo systems have all been upgraded along with the new website in 2012. The budget is planned and costs have been continuously trimmed over the years.

Sooooo, JRB figures the best way through the fiscal uncertainty and the possible recession or near recession that will again grip our economy and has mired the country is to focus on doing what we do best and delivering even greater value in JRB products.  2013 at JRB is the year of Greater Value.

For some time now JRB has been reducing baffle width and increasing the number of baffles in its top quilt, multifunctional rectangular and large family quilt models. This significantly improves down stability in use for top quilts, especially those used on the ground.  The Sierra Sniveler and the High Sierra Sniveler were increased from their initial 10 to 12 baffle sections. And by the end of 2013 they will be again increased to 14 baffle sections. The summer season Sierra Stealth has already been increased from its initial 10 to 14 baffle sections.  The multifunctional rectangular quilts, our high value economy valued quilts; Shenandoah Quilts, Hudson River Quilts, and the Old Rag Mountain Quilts have all been increased from 10 to 14 baffles. The JRB Large Family of Quilts including the Mt Roger Quilt and the Katahdin Quilt have both had baffles increased from 11 to 14.

For 2013 there will be a special limited quantity run of digital camo and and intrepid 20, 900 fill power, 13 oz. down quilts.  Like always, these 40 degree summer quilts will have great value pricing and will likely sell out within days of announcement. First announcement of availability will be to subscribers of our newsletter.

Several new products have been added to the web site.  These include an ultra-light, full quart capacity pot with a heat exchanger for faster boils and better fuel economy that will work with virtually any stove to include alcohol, wood burners, and esbit tabs. A nice addition to the Enertia meals and Ti long handled spoons and sporks which were added last fall.

JRB now stocks Hennessy Snake Skins #4 and the value priced large Hennessy Hex Tarp. While this tarp is a bit heavy at 24 oz. it comes complete with hanging cords and pockets for cord storage in each corner and the center seal is sealed by factory taping.

Later in the year the web site will gain an “Our Favorites” section that will feature products we use and have grown to cherish.  Again these are from other manufacturer’s.  All products that combine top function, low weight, and value level price points. “Jack Certified”, if you will. Two of these items, the head lamps, are already in stock in the miscellaneous section of the site.

Finally the web site will get new photos and have videos added this year to enable better understanding of the tips and tricks of use for various JRB products.

Come May you will find us at our Tenth Annual Trail Days in Damascus. Stop by, say hello, share a story, and grab a piece of trail sugar or just hang out for a while.

And Best Value of all, against all trends, though refined techniques, material sourcing and management quilt prices for 2013 have been reduced.

2013 and Jacks ‘R’ Better;

More choices, Better Quality, Better Value, Better Prices!

Hoil fyn!

Jack & Jack

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