Graham® FlexAir™ Pillow

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A re-usable, inflatable pillow.  19″x12.5″, 1.0 oz.

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A re-usable, inflatable pillow.  19″x12.5″, 1.0 oz.

Simple To Use Instructions:

  1. Remove straw from the pillow.
  2. Insert straw into valve to inflate pillow to desired firmness – remove straw. (If straw is misplaced, pillow can be inflated directly by mouth).
  3. To adjust pillow firmness, re-insert straw to inflate or deflate pillow.
  4. Remove straw during use.

1 review for Graham® FlexAir™ Pillow

  1. Mark (verified owner)

    Outside one’s usual residence, pillows are a bulky nuisance when not actually in use. Extra clothing can work for a while but I am adverse to sticking dirty or just washed wet socks and underwear under my head. I wanted a “magic” pillow that would just “disappear” when not needed. This is it. One folded in half lengthwise in a cotton stuff sack supports my neck, another goes under a knee and I particularly appreciate the ability to adjust the firmness to whatever I wish. I have no idea why these aren’t standard camping gear everywhere.

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