Hammock Underquilt

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  • Hammock Underquilt

    Hammock Underquilt Mt Washington 3

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  • Winter Hammock Underquilt

    Winter Hammock Underquilt Mt Washington 4

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  • Greylock 3 (20F)

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  • Greylock 4 (0F)

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  • Nest hammock underquilt for Hennessy hammock

    Hammock Underquilt The Nest (20F)

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  • The Winter Nest Original Hammock Under Quilt

    Winter Nest (0F)

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  • Multifunction Hammock Quilt

    Shenandoah Quilt (40F)

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  • Multifunction Hammock Quilt

    Hudson River Quilt (20F)

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  • Multifunction Hammock Quilt

    Old Rag Mountain Quilt (0F)

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Showing all 9 results

Jacks R Better designed the first hammock underquilt in May 2004. We continue to optimize our hammock gear designs based on our real-world experience.

How Does An Underquilt For A Hammock Work?

Underquilts are a critical piece of hammock gear that provide better insulation underneath you than a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags do not work in a hammock because insulation only works when it has the ability to loft.  A sleeping bag’s insulation compresses under your body weight reducing its loft.  In a hammock, this leads to convective heat loss from the cold air stripping away body heat. An underquilt hangs outside the hammock allowing down to loft fully.

Underquilts work better than a sleeping pad in a hammock. Keeping a sleeping pad under you in a hammock is a constant struggle. Sleeping pads made of non-breathable materials cause you to sweat creating dampness in your clothes causing a chill as you cool off.

All Jacks R Better underquilt for hammocks are optimized with a 33% overstuff to reduce down migration and enable the quilt to maintain its rating when the down losses loft between cleanings. All of our quilts work on any hammock including all gathered end and bridge hammocks.

Hammock Underquilt Features

  • Fit – Jacks R Better underquilts work on all gathered end and bridge hammocks. Such as ENO Hammocks, Hennessy Hammocks, Warbonnet , Dutchware Chameleon, and most other brands and DIY hammocks.
  • Down – RDS Certified Responsible Down. 850+FP  or 1000 FP
  • Overstuff: All Jacks ‘R’ Better quilts are optimized with a 33% over-stuff. Overstuff reduces down migration and enables the quilt to maintain its rating if the down loses loft between cleanings. Consequently, we do not recommend any additional over-stuffing.

How to properly hang an underquilt

  • Hang tight enough to prevent any air gaps between it and the hammock.
  • Not too tight that the down can not fully loft (differential baffles prevent this).
  • The underquilt should be hung tight enough to slightly lift the hammock when you are not in it.
  • Pull the end cords just tight enough to seal off the ends of the quilt but not too tight.

Underquilt For Hammock