Old Rag Mountain Quilt (0F)

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Conservatively rated to 0°F (-17° C) the Old Rag Mountain Quilt can be used either as a top quilt (in a hammock or on the ground) or as a hammock underquilt (JRB Suspension System sold separately).

Compression Sack: For 0 degree quilts we recommend the large size compression sack.

Footbox Options

The standard footbox is formed with a drawcord, cord-locks and double-sided Kam Snaps. This allows the quilt to be left as a blanket for easy venting, a foot-box to be formed, or multiple quilts to be stacked in colder temperatures.

NOTE: Adding a custom option may delay shipping by a few days.

Couples Mod

Adds Additional double sided Kam Snaps along the entire length of the quilt to enable it to be attached to another quilt of the same length that also has the Couples Mod.


Old Rag Mountain 0 Degree Hammock Quilt

The Old Rag Mountain 0 Degree Hammock Quilt is lighter and more comfortable than a sleeping bag. No squirming around to get in and out. Easy to vent for temperature control. The “Old Rag Mtn” is a true winter 0 degree hammock quilt capable of keeping a sleeper warm down to 0°F(-17°C).

The Old Rag Mt was designed for use as a sleeping bag either on the ground or in a hammock. The Old Rag Mt. will also function as a hammock underquilt (JRB Suspension System sold separately).

Old Rag Mt. 0 Degree Hammock Quilt Features

  • Footbox – The standard footbox is formed with a drawcord, cord locks, and double-sided Kam Snaps. This allows the quilt to be left as a blanket for easy venting, a footbox to be formed, or multiple quilts to be stacked in colder temperatures.
  • Hammock Fit -The Old Rag Mountain 0 Degree Hammock Quilt hammock underquilt works on all gathered end and bridge hammocks. Such as ENO Hammocks, Hennessy Hammocks, Warbonnet Hammocks, Dutchware Chameleon, and most other brands and DIY hammocks.
  • Down 850FP: Fill power is a measurement of how much space one ounce of down will occupy when lofted, measured in cubic inches.
    • Since the temperature rating of a quilt is based on how much loft there is, quilts using a higher fill power down will require less down by weight to achieve a specific temperature rating than a bag using a lower fill power down.
  • Overstuff – All Jacks ‘R’ Better quilts are optimized with a 25% overstuff. Overstuff reduces down migration and enables  the quilt to maintain its comfort rating between cleanings. Consequently, we do not recommend any additional over-stuffing.
  • Long-Term Storage: All Jacks R Better hammock quilts come in a storage bag that does not compress the quilt and allows airflow. Consequently makes it perfect for long-term quilt storage.
  • Packing: We recommend using a lawn contractor bag while backpacking to keep your hammock quilt dry while allowing it to expand or compress to fill available space in your pack evenly.  Additionally, we offer compression sacks separately for individuals looking to pack their quilt into the smallest space possible.
Old Rag Mt. Quilt Regular Size(Recommended For Folks UNDER 5′ 11″)
Length: 78 inches (1.98 m)
Width: 48 inches (1.22 m)
Weight 27 ounces (0.71 kg)
Old Rag Mt. Long Size(Recommended For Folks OVER 5′ 10″)
Length: 86 inches (2.18 m)
Width: 48 inches (1.22 m)
Weight: 30 ounces (0.79 kg)


For a three season 20° option check out the Hudson River 20° Multifunction Quilt.

12 reviews for Old Rag Mountain Quilt (0F)

  1. Doug Johnson

  2. Doug Johnson

  3. Surplus (verified owner)

    Great quilt for backpacking and hammocking. Really lightweight with a good temp rating for it’s weight. I’m actually able to wrap the quilt all the way around my hammock so that it acts as an underquilt and overquilt. I still have to use a sleeping pad to block the wind, but it works great. It would be cool to see a quilt that’s a little wider with velcro all the way up and down it, so you could get it all the way around your hammock and seal it up. Maybe that would add too much weight though

  4. Tom Bebee (verified owner)

    I am 5’8″ tall and the regular length is definitely large enough and then some. Have used the quilt two times so far in temperatures in the low 20’s and it was actually a little too warm. So I believe that it will definitely come close to be warm down to the rating that is posted. The quilt is well made and packs relatively small for the amount of down.

  5. rick ashworth

    i am known as Neo on hammock forums and i have had my old rag mountain for over 6 years,well made and very very warm.I give it a 5 star rating all the way

  6. Phil Sohn

    I love my Old. Mtn Rag, but I am a gearhead. I am always looking around for something better, or maybe even just something different. I think I have tried different items for everything except for my tarp and my quilt: different stoves, base layers, insulation, backpacks, etc. But I have never found an alternative to my Old Mtn Rag despite looking for over 6 years. It needed wings, and Jack R Better shipped me the fabric to add them. The temp range works well for me in the high Cascades. I will keep looking, but I doubt I will every find something I like better.

  7. Deb Kurfiss (verified owner)

    Got my Old Rag for Christmas 2014 to go with my Nest. I could not be happier. The fit and finish are perfect. I use as a top quilt for the hammock and also with my SynMat 9 when I am on the ground. Either way, the quilt does it’s job and I stay toasty warm.

  8. Paul V

    Phenomenal quilts. Purchased 1 of these in “long” to use as a TQ with hammock pod system. Upon arrival loved the size, loft, warmth, and versatility so much I purchased a second to use as full length UQ. Took them on a trip to Michigan for some cold weather hammock camping with a 20 degree bag and they did not let me down. Temps got down to 2 degrees and I was completely warm. Second night temp was 18 degrees and I was too warm and had to vent my bag. By comparison, I had used just the bag and sleep pad a week before at 1 degree and was uncomfortably cold. I highly recommend these for their performance and versatility. JRB service is outstanding as well. When ordering the second, I called Jack last minute on a holiday Monday needing it to arrive Thursday. He answered, took my order and made sure I would receive it on time. I look forward to using these for years to come. Thanks!

  9. Luke

    Owned my rag for 6 years now. It’s taken me to 7 degrees along with my Mt Washington 4 underquilt. No pad. Best customer service. Pan and Smee are what anyone wants when it comes to responsiveness.

  10. Brian (verified owner)

    Dad told me once if somethings really good get two….so I did despite the cost… but I tell you what … I have a sewing machine I sew better then some and worse then most, making tarps and over/under covers is about as far as my skill level goes.
    I brought one on a on an overnight. I ended up soaked. I was grounding it in my SMD solo, and it poured buckets for 8 hours. I had to strip to my skibs and was about 56 degrees. I was so thankful to have this quilt. It really saved my ass literally. Note I did have mid level StS liner. The quilt never lost loft and seemed bone dry.

    As for hammoking this line of quilts is unbeatable in terms of versatility. From ground use to over and underquilt mode it can’t be beat.
    The quilt is extremely well made and a absolute MUST have for any camping system.

    The fact they are smart and stock ahead is brilliant and reflects the business. Every place I checked had a lead time of no less then 4 weeks….thats unacceptable in today’s market. If you’re going to make a product to order (unless modded) you may as well keep your stuff off the Internet and sell at local flee markets to keep up with volume. Ppl don’t wanna wait 4-12 weeks when they drop a few hundred on something…. imo.

    One last thing


  11. Janet W. (verified owner)

    I just came back from my first winter hang. Lowest temp at night was 28 degrees (was hoping it would be colder). I purchased the Old. Mtn Rag along with the Greylock 4. Talk about being in down heaven! I was so comfortable and warm, not to mention the secure feeling knowing I was not going to be cold at any point. I couldn’t have made a smarter decision pairing these two quilts together! Extremely satisfied and happy camper here! Thank you, for making such wonderful gear!

  12. Shaw (verified owner)

    Perfect for hammocks, good enough for ground sleeping.

    I bought this quilt along with the Mt Washington 4 in order to bring my hammock setup up to New England winter standards. Between the two, I was plenty comfortable on a breezy, 8’F night. I like the ability to form the foot box and leave it open or cinched at the bottom end- this helps with letting some heat escape if you’re trying to use this quilt towards the warmer end of “winter” temps. For hammocking, it’s literally the perfect top quilt! For ground sleepers/use as a quilt with an insulated pad, things get a little less perfect, but still good. I used this as a quilt during a week-long trip to Utah where temperatures were between 25-40 degrees at night. It kept me plenty warm, as expected in that temperature range- I didn’t need to fully tuck the quilt underneath me to keep warm. The main hurdle I ran into was how to keep the quilt in place on my sleeping pad- I ended up using some shock cord passed through the little side fabric tabs and under my pad in order to accomplish this, but it’s not nearly as convenient or functional a system as something like Enlightened Equipment has going. I might end up replacing the tabs on mine with those little flat buckles so I can use the EE straps.

    -Super warm, base layers not even necessary above 15’
    -Packs as small as my 35 degree, 800-fill down sleeping bag
    -Versatile due to rectangular shape, ability to fully or partially form foot box
    -More durable and cost effective than equivalent quilt from EE
    -Good color choices!
    -Comes in a storage bag that doesn’t compress the quilt too much

    -Fabric not quite as soft as something like Pertex quantum in similar denier
    -Loopy tabs on the side are adequate at several things but not perfect at any of them
    -No stuff sack included. This might be a pro depending on your preferences.

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