Jacks R Better introduced the first commercially available hammock underquilt in May 2004.  All Jacks R Better underquilts work on any hammock including all gathered end and bridge hammocks.
Underquilts provide better insulation for the bottom half of your body than sleeping in a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags compress under your weight and lose the loft that keeps you warm. Underquilts are not compressed by your weight and maintain their insulating loft while you are hanging in your hammock.
No more wrestling with pads inside the hammock and no more waking up cold in the middle of the night.

All Jacks R Better quilts are comfort rated and will keep the average sleeper comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt at the advertised rating.

All Jacks R Better quilts are optimized with a 25% overstuff.

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  • Hammock Underquilt

    Mt Washington 3 (20F)

    Sale! $239.95
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  • Winter Underquilt

    Mt Washington 4 (0F)

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  • Greylock 3 (20F)

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  • Greylock 4 (0F)

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  • Nest underquilt for Hennessy hammock

    The Nest (20F)

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  • The Winter Nest Original Hammock Under Quilt

    Winter Nest (0F)

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  • Shenandoah Quilt (40F)

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  • Ultralight Shenandoah Quilt (40F)

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  • Hammock Quilt

    Hudson River Quilt (20F)

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  • Old Rag Mountain Quilt (0F)

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Showing all 10 results