Sierra Stealth (40F)

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Conservatively rated to 40ºF (5ºC) the Sierra Sniveller was designed with the ground sleeper in mind. It is wider (55 inches) at the shoulders and down through the hips to eliminate drafts, and tapers to 45 inches at the foot end. Six lacing tabs have been added to the sides to secure the quilt around a pad if desired. Form the foot box and use as a top quilt or wear as a serape using the non-snagging, mixed hook & loop re-sealable head-hole.

Over-stuff: 25% over-stuff included!

Compression Sack:  For 20-degree quilts we recommend the large size compression sack.

Note if you are looking for a wide quilt check out the Big Meadows 40 similar design as the Stealth bit wider and without the head hole.

Regular Size
Length: 78 inches (1.98 m)
Width: 55 inches (1.40m)
Weight: 18 (0.51 kg)

Long Size (Recommended For Folks Over 5′ 10″)
Length: 86 inches (2.18 m)
Width: 55 inches (1.40 m)
Weight: 19.5 (0.55 kg)


Lighter than a similarly rated sleeping bag. No squirming around to get in and out. Easy to vent for temperature control. It was designed with the ground sleeper in mind. It is wider (55 inches) at the shoulders and down through the hips to eliminate drafts, and then tapers to 45 inches at the foot end; the foot box has been lengthened for better tuck control; and six lacing tabs have been added to the sides to secure the quilt around a pad if desired. This sew through, down quilt alternative to our standard baffled, down quilts is ideal for use when temperatures are not expected to be below 40-45°. Form the foot box and use as a top quilt or wear as a serape using the non-snagging, mixed hook & loop re-sealable head hole. For individuals over 5 feet 10 inches tall we offer a long version (86″ in length).

Footbox: The footbox is formed with a drawcord, cord-locks and double-sided Kam Snaps. This allows the quilt to be left as a blanket for easy venting, a foot-box to be formed, or multiple quilts to be stacked in colder temperatures.

Down: 850 FIll Power certified Responsible Down Standard (RDS). Fill power is a measurement of how much space one ounce of down will occupy when lofted, measured in cubic inches. Since the temperature rating of a quilt is based on how much loft there is, quilts using a higher fill power down will require less down by weight to achieve a specific temperature rating than a bag using a lower fill power down.

Overstuff: The Sierra Stealth is optimized with a 33% over-stuff by weight.  Markedly reducing down migration and enabling the quilt to maintain its rating if the down loses loft between cleanings. Consequently, we do not recommend any additional over-stuffing.

Compression Sack: A lot of folks no longer use compressions sacks and instead keep their quilts dry inside a lawn contractor bag or trash compactor liner.  We do not want anyone to have to pay for something they do not want so now we offer them separately. For 40 degree quilts we recommend the large size compression sack.

Activ-dri down™ – Activ-dri™ is a hydrophobic down treatment that keeps the down drier, while having no adverse effects on loft, fill power, or warmth retention. Activ-dri down is still down insulation and should be protected from direct exposure to moisture. All types of insulation, whether down or synthetic, will degrade in insulation capability if wetted.

12 reviews for Sierra Stealth (40F)

  1. Don Gravatt

    When I got tired of using a sleeping bag as a top quilt I ordered a Stealth. Since then I carry a stealth as a top quilt when temps are not expected to drop below the 50s (during one colds snap it hit the low 40s and I was warm with the Stealth as a top quilt and a Nest as an under quilt). In the winter I’ve teamed my Stealth with Hudson River as my top quilts and MW4 has my under quilt and have been warm enough to sleep in only shorts and a t-shirt when the temp was in the single digits. The head hole is great for wearing it like a poncho while sitting in the hammock making breakfast.

  2. Bob Salcedo

    Ideal for my summer trips in the Sierra and other places. Being a side sleeper I found the need to adjust often during the night but hey, I move a lot when I sleep. So this, with a thermo liner (just in case), and a tarp tent and UL mat keeps my shelter and sleep “system” down to 3lbs and a few ounces. Highly recommend.

  3. JackM (verified owner)

  4. Kate P (verified owner)

    I used this quilt during a two month backing trip on the Appalachian Trail and it was awesome! Everyone I hiked with was jealous of how small it could pack, and I was warm the entire time! I love how much range of motion I have when I use it as opposed to mummy bag. When my cold weather bag wears out I’m going to replace it with a cold weather quilt from these guys.

  5. Don Pettrone

    GREAT QUILT AND GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.. I ordered a Stealth for spring and summer trips (regular size with 800 activdry). I got this to lighten up my load and it is very light at 17.5oz. actual packed weight in supplied compression sack is 19oz. and it packs down pretty small at about 7″x8″. After taking it out of the box I gave it a little “lofty toss” in the air and it had a just a tad of “hang time” if that makes any sense just to give you an idea of how light it is. The black material on the Stealth has a bit of a “sheen” to it that I couldn’t tell from the online pic. They also ship it with cleaning instructions and breathable bag. I like the extra couple of inches it has on the shoulders (52″) I’m 5’7″ 160lbs. and it covers me well with room to spare. The quality is great, you can sort of tell it’s not some mass produced factory item. I tested it twice so far where both nights got into the low 50’s (54* and 52*) I slept on the ground in a wild oasis tarp with a Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite. The quilt did great, I slept in shorts and a t-shirt and I wasn’t cold nor did I over heat. This is my first quilt and the footbox is a beautiful thing, the ease of getting in and out is a beautiful thing compared to my sleeping bag. The tarp had a bit of condensation but the quilt never hit the sides (that I know of) and the Stealth was completely dry. The quality is right and the price is right compared to the others I was looking at. I ordered it on a late Friday night and for whatever reason I had some issues and hit the submit button a few times. I wasn’t sure if the transaction went through but I emailed them to ask if the transaction went through and I only wanted one quilt not the 3 times I tried to make a transaction go through. I got an email early Saturday morning from Jack and he said that the transaction didn’t go through and to give him a call after 11am via his cell phone.. yeah, on a Saturday.. on his cell phone, so I did and he took down my info and order specs while he was relaxing at home on his weekend off. I told him I had no prob calling back on Monday, I didn’t want to ruin his weekend but he was great and didn’t have a problem with it. That’s the kind of customer service these guys give you. I couldn’t be happier with my quilt and the customer service has a personal touch. I’ll be ordering another quilt for winter excursions from these guys. Thanks Jack and Jack, you guys rock!!

  6. Clint Green (verified owner)

    Perfect for UL backpacking; very versatile. I’ve used mine in the Coastal Mountains in BC at Mt Garibaldi in upper 40F clear sleeping weather- very nice and comfy wearing nothing but my drawers, plus the lightweight was a big plus due to the elevation gains! Also used in Smoky Mountains, one night on Mt Sterling in 20F flash freezing winds – very nice, but needed to wear warm layers once temps dropped below mid 30’s. Performed well despite rain and fog before the freeze. Definitely looking to buy more for my sons, and probably add some high sierras for winter hiking. Everyone loves the poncho conversion! When not backpacking, mine keeps guests warm on our porch during winter! Holding up very well with no wear so far.

  7. JL (verified owner)

    Will work down to at least 32F if needed. Great quilt with some good emergency reserves. Bought the longer length with dry down and an extra ounce of fill. Sleeping on the ground on a closed cell foam pad only, I used wool long johns, a hooded light weight down jacket, Jack’s own brand down sleeves for my lower legs and wool socks. Except for the sleeves, this is stuff you might have on any trip from late fall to spring. I slept like a baby. Those down sleeve are just great on the legs..

  8. John S

    As good as it gets. The quality of the Stealth I received was flawless down to the last stitch. The customer service from these folks is the best I’ve encountered. I’ve used my custom quilt (active dri down with 2 oz overstuff) on several occasions now and find it suitable for early spring outings where temps can still dip south of 32 degrees. For summer ultralight backpacking, this is nearly a must have item. The compactness, weight to warmth ratio, durability and functionality when used as an overcoat are truly exceptional. I will happily buy from these folks in the future.

  9. Jared (verified owner)

    I’m a ground sleeper and I switched to a quilt because I sleep on my stomach and I also tend to sleep a bit hot compared to others. The Stealth is perfect for me. It allows me to move freely in my sleep and I can regulate my temp easily throughout the night. In July I went to the Swiss Alps to do some hiking / camping and the weather turned suddenly. The whole week was rainy and the night temps were dropping to 34 degrees. My Stealth and NeoAir worked perfectly together. I was warm and slept through the night with only a thin base layer on underneath. The pack size and weight impressed everyone I met. I’ve used this quilt several times but wanted to test it in colder conditions before reviewing. I couldn’t be happier! The product and the customer service are both top notch! You can’t go wrong with JRB!

  10. Vanhalo

    Ordered the JRB Sierra Stealth quilt from Mass Drop and purchased the JRB quilt liner later directly from JRB with the Greylock 3. This combo of of the Sierra Stealth and the JRB quilt liner is perfect for 40° in East TN.

  11. Bob Salcedo

    So it’s been 10 years since I bought my Sierra Stealth. It has held up incredibly well and is every bit as good as when I bought it. Backpacking a lot less these days but while camping within range of the truck, I use it with my Exped Megamat and wrapped in a Pendelton blanket. It’s hard to get up in the morning. Freezing temps do not wake me up at all.

  12. mark (verified owner)

    I absolutely love mine, i haven’t had it out for the last several months but just took it out to air out and start organizing for a mid September camp. I use it pretty much nonstop except the few hot summer months, even in the 0-20 degree weather i bring it as an o crap extra protection to bump up my other insulation if needed. i was actually thinking of buying another one for my son but hes not quite tall enough yet. in a few more years i will get him his own. really top quality stuff, have worn it as is in the snow, worn under a poncho, and slept in it. thing is just awesome.

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